Thursday thread and somehow the start of … December??

Wild wild stuff

Had a nightmare that The Phantom Band had managed to reunite and tour again and I’d let all the gigs sell out and made my mum hate me. Terrifying

Gonna roll out of bed and post in the advent calendar thread anyyyy second

Off to a couple of free arts parties tonight, should be good fun - just gotta see how plastered I end up


Dropping my son off at nursery. Work 12-8 today. That’s it

Todays my Friday, TVs coming round tonight until Monday without the dog.
Gonna go to Manchester Christmas markets tomorrow just to annoy the haters.

Never bought myself the jam advent calendar as reasoned it was too pricey. Another December of utter jamless misery for me.

Got my first freelance gig meeting today :star_struck:



Need to take my bike to bike hospital. A new Aldi has opened over the road from the shop, so might have a mooch and see what Christmas treats they got.

Not much else on the agenda. Bit of housework, I suppose.

Size of this leaf on the dog walk this morning (size 10 boot for scale)


Tipsy me bought myself a box of chocolate shells last night, hero. Then I got a shout out from my favourite podcast for sharing how many minutes I’ve listened to their podcast on Spotify. 4000 minutes apparently. One of the hosts misread it as hours though :scream: i wish I had that much time to listen to it. Haha!!

Anyway, totally fangirling over here. I :heart: them.

Was meant to be zooming with my cousin this evening but alas that has been cancelled. I will be doing nothing as a result and that is absolutely fine with me :blush:


I’m at a posh yacht club to sell beer at their Christmas fair, then going late night shopping after. Might start drinking. This is the view though so it’s not all bad


A gigantic muddy poodle tried to steal my croissant whilst I was wearing my brand new coat!


I took my car in for an MOT / Service, and for the first time in my life I remembered to take the service book in with me. Maybe I’m an adult now?

Was working past nine last night to finish stuff for a meeting today.

It has just been postponed to next week.



Up and advent calendar opened. Victorian Christmas markets are here for the weekend so will be checking that out later and hopefully paying a visit to my favourite place that is doing a dedicated pie menu, waiting to see the menu but got high hopes.


Despite not drinking very much yesterday, I feel like absolute trash today with a sprinkling of anxiety. Gaaaaaah so elderly :cry: sigh.

Had to ring in sick today. Boss said “why don’t you just come in and do half a day”, then “could you not manage a couple of hours”, then casually mentioned that I had the flu a few weeks ago (last week of July).

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my kids are taking me for such a fucking mug. Still exciited for elf on a shelf, still can’t wait to see what they get up to, still believe they have been hanging out with santa all year…

but they’ve seen millions of the little bastards in shops everywhere for the last month.

and i have a puppy now so the little shit can’t be left doing anything on the floor or they’ll be eaten by morning.

yeah, it felt like a cute idea all those years ago but why didn’t i think ahead…(same could be said for having kids tbqfh!!!)


oh, had a great time with the GP yesterday also. Missed a call so rang back…

receptionist (lets say carol): did you come in for a jab a few weeks back?

me: i did

carol: was it the flu jab or covid?

me: lol - surely you can tell me that!

carol: well…you were booked for covid but it says on the system you had the flu so…what was it!?

me: i’ve slept since then (banter king on the phone me!) so i have no idea. i seem to remember talking about phizer though so reckon it was covid…but this is worrying you don’t know

carol: hmmmm yes. but dont worry it’ll be fine. it sounds like you had covid so want to come for some flu in a bit?

me: hell yeah! love being injected with random shit.

fast forward a couple of hours where the same conversation happens in person with the nurse with the needle, but with a bit more questioning, and then…oh, well, we can’t inject you today in case as we can’t be sure what you had before so come back in january.

So i have no idea what i am vaccinated against :smiley:

Then my son relayed a story about how he kicked his friend in ‘the nuts’ today to the nurse. what fun.


Feeling the impact of covid today. Had to take the boy for his walk (masked up, keeping well away from people) as GF was busy.

15 minutes of light exercise has wiped me out.

Great no one told me we had visiting colleagues in the office today, I’m wearing laddered tights a Pup t-shirt, curly fringe and no make-up :upside_down_face:

Emergency curry noodles for lunch too, meh


A quiet day at work - need this so bad

TVAM last night were fun - ate an unhealthy amount of chocolate digestives when I got home


Fuck this 100%


Just got a waiting list CMAT ticket for tonight on Dice. :space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader::space_invader: