Thursday thread at 8.38

Today is my Thursday but I’ve got a four day weekend on the horizon.

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On the train to leeds again

hello and good morning. i’ve been up since 6am ish, dunno why this keeps happening. gonna run a few errands, pick up my new video game and maybe meet ruffers for a coffee later.

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Chris Rae’s original draft of lyrics didn’t have the same romance as the final version.


Chris Rae Jepsen

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What is the name for that symmetrical thing people made in school where you fold up the paper and then you write options and numbers in it that fold out to reveal something. And you then hold it in your fingers and move it in and out in and out like a weird duck mouth thing.

##Morning all

seems no one reminded me I was out of porridge, so i’ve not had any breakfast. A beeve on all your houses

I’ve got a three day weekend on the upcomes, It’s my Thursday too though. I might see how many times i can walk round the block today.



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It’s good but it’s not right.

I found a picture:

Whatchu getting?

Paper fortune teller?

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Lads, it’s National Pizza Day :fearful:

Feeling surprisingly ok considering I had 5 whole pints of beer last night. Definitely too old for Shoreditch now.

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Fucking hell. Literally ‘say what you see’.

Nice work, thanks.

It may have had other school yard names but that’s the first that came to my mind :+1:

Are you making one?


Was at the new place for two and a half hours going over the kitchen with the builder last night. Argh.

So much to do.

Poor @plasticmike


Deadly Premonition, looks like it’ll scratch my old school survival horror itch… ish

Ooft, love that game. You’re in a Twin Peaks-y k-hole right now innit.

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feels right at the min, hiding from the world. need to pick up some donuts.


Hungover. What will fix this?