Thursday thread at 8.38

Nah just thought of it and was wondering.

Morning. Feel dreadful. Would’ve called in sick but by the time I realised I’m ill and not just tired I was halfway to work and would have had to sit in nightmare traffic to get home, so here I am.

Full day of meetings, as well. Fuck :clap: this :clap: noise :clap:

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Lots of peppermint tea and a bacon sarnie!

I want bacon so much but it’s so far away from me :’(

More drink.

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oh fffffffuuuuu. maybe i should bite the bullet and cash in my free meal at franco manca.



Uhhhh pizza

And/or paracetamol


DiS-tract yourself until you can muster up the energy!

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Got a really really boring project to do this morning that I’ve been putting off but it’s due at 3pm so I can’t stall it any longer. Might treat myself to lunch out to spur me on, hope the haggis van is still in town


:raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

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THE HECK?! I’ve got vegetable soup for dinner. I’m an insult to my entire tribe.


on it

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Sorry, what?

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i think one of us is because I don’t understand this post at all

edit: oh wait suRprise

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he’s talking about surprise having two R’s instead of one. wake up, guys.

edit scum!

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It’s not too late my friend, mistakes have been made but you can rectify.