Thursday thread (feat. Batman)

Morning. What’s up?

I’m wfh because the painters are in. I’ll leave that open goal for someone.

Batman news:


Once got into a lift with Ben Affleck

That’s the entire anecdote

What button did he press?

Morning Eps.
“Revealed” is doing a lot of work there. Some might say, too much.
It’s raining here at the mo but I’m off to see the Van Gogh exhibition tonight so, on balance, today’s pretty good for me.

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Did you fart and if not why not?


Burger AND fries, though. Oh how the other half live.


Clearly Affleck isn’t a method actor. Batman would never take the lift - he’d climb up the outside of the building.

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Hi! Day off today, got to go to Dartmouth later to get some stuff from M&S. That’s it really.

He didn’t, he was holding a child. Someone else pressed the button

My Ben Affleck anecdote is as boring as Ben Affleck

Should’ve gone to Honest, stupid prick.


Fuck you, I stayed in and had a veggie curry.

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If someone could tell me what I’ve forgotten to pack that’s be helpful. Ta

There’s no food like to party
Like the food in M&S Darty

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Pretty knackered today. Yesterday was my 9 to 9 day, usually from 6 it’s just manning the OOH phone which never rings. But last night I had actual work to do.

Tonight I’m going horse racing with people from work so I’m getting the train to work. Could do without it but I’m sure it’ll be fine.

That’s all ancient history now.

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Woke up at 7 when my alarm went off, emailed work and said I’d be late in today and went back to sleep til just now. 1-0 eric


Couple of points of order:

  1. Richard Ayeode and Tilda Swinton were in King’s Lynn last week, filming. Not sure what it is about the East of England that attracts so many film crews.
  2. @AQOS - Richard Osman either lives in Cambridge or is quite often seen in Cambridge. I’m going to break my unspoken “never interrupt a celebrity going about their daily business” rule and try to get a selfie with him, in honour of your avatar / World Cup nonsense
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  1. Did that snake ever turn up?