Thursday thread (feat. Batman)

She’s very pretty.

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I’m too pale for pink hair :sob:

:+1: and :+1:


I’ll be home from 6!

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And bleach the crap out of my hair.
Nah, I’ll stay pale and brunette I think.
Do want to die my hair auburn one day though.

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Sorted - see you later :slight_smile:

Oooh she’s very pretty too.
Think I’m going to have to find a hot woman with pink hair and kiss her.

@avery can you get a brownie out of the freezer plz.
I just called you by your DiS username but you didn’t hear, thankfully, that would have been embarrassing.


I assume you mean the ones at the top of the freezer and not the ones in the bottom of the freezer?

Not the special ones x

Ps. Theres a thread kicking off on drownedinsound about 10 posts up and yours is the main vote that counts.

Should make sure @Slicky sees them so you can be dunga twins.



Ads on a 3 second video smh

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Enjoying a 3 quid bucket of coffee at my local roasthouse

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Got my daughter’s leaver’s performance of Lion king (!?) this evening, and then she has her ‘prom’ tomorrow night after her final day at Junior School.

It feels absolutely surreal. I’m not old enough to have a secondary school age small person surely?

How mediocre are you?

site’s being weird on mobile recently

No such thing

The defence rests