Thursday thread feat: First Bird Of The Day

Morning all. How is everyone? What are you up to? Haven’t started one of these in a while.

Last full day in the Peaks so going for another walk and getting the train back. Might pop to Padley Gorge (on @inthedusk 's recommendation) after as it’s near where we’re parking. Fish and chips for tea, and that the lot.

First Bird Of The Day - this is something we’ve been doing in the CCB house for a couple of months, taken from a magazine article. Anyway, tell me what the first bird you saw today was. Mine was a bullfinch, closely followed by a lumbering pigeon.


Saw a couple of courting pigeons when I popped out to the bakers first thing.

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Morning CCB,

A day off for me today. Technically I’m off all this week and next, but a lot of that is taking responsibility for some summer holiday childcare. Jimbo’s off to a playscheme most of today though, so the world is my oyster. I think I’ll head up to Ardingly reservoir with my paddleboard for a bit

It’s a seagull. It’s always a fucking seagull


Aww its such a cute walk, i did this route (sort of until i got a bit lost half way and fashioned my own quick way back along the road) Do it clockwise so going through the gorge first.


Padley Gorge and Longshaw Circular on AllTrails


This is very topical because the injured pigeon that was kept in a box in the kitchen overnight was in a bad way, bloodied broken wing and all, and this morning it’s alive! So the pigeon rescue team are coming to collect it. If their wing is irreparable and they’re grounded, they get taken to an aviary where they can live their best grounded life with branches and stuff to play with



First bird, think it was a pigeon as they are always on the garden fence

Today…waiting for a fridge to be delivered and then probably going over to take dog across plains and drop in on some friends to drop off gifts :relaxed:

Yoga later :woman_in_lotus_position:

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Morning :sunglasses:

No birds sighted yet but it’ll be either a magpie or parakeet.

Day off today = cleaning day. But first, chai

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The first bird of the day I see is a Coal Tit as they live above my room and hop around outside my garden

Look - I’m going to level with you guys

It’s fucking lovely outside and I’m here at a computer I don’t want to be at so please forgive me as I scream into the drownedinsound abyss


Couldn’t have been like this during my week off could you - you stupid slaps sun

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Got some housemartins nesting at the front of the building. I watched them swooping in and out of the nests feeding their chicks while I was making coffee. Now I’m on the sofa I can see some starlings hopping around on the lawn, probably looking for cranefly larvae.

Plan for today: CBA.

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I think we’ll see how everyone’s energy levels are after the morning’s walk - but it looks like you can do a shorter loop along the brook and back. Looks lovely though from the pics I’ve seen :heart_eyes:


First bird: Magpie. Boring.

3-11 shift tonight, which means I’m killing effectively a full day’s worth of work before starting. Currently descaling the shower head. Have sorted my clothes this weekend, changed bedsheets on ours and the daughters bed. Breakfast time soon and a cuppa

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Guess ill get up and go to work and do my job.

Wouldn’t recommend it tbqfh


Hi ccb and friends :slight_smile:

First bird of the day was a wood pigeon.

Just working away today as per, feeling groggy af :sob: going to need to fill myself with tea and coffee and hope that makes a difference.

Potentially a really pointless thing to do but the previous owners of my flat painted over all the door hinges, which whatever it’s fine and easier than taking the whole door off… thing is I think the owners previous to them had the same idea and there’s layers and layers on paint on those things and it’s bugging me and now I’m like “how hard would it be to remove a door, strip the hinges and then screw them back on…… “


waking up absolutely exhausted lately, even off the back of about 8 hours sleep. not super into that

got to go around a few work buildings cos I cba doing it yesterday, and I even more cba today! #karma

might get nice lunch in a diff part of town at least

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Morning all.

It’s going to be a very rare day when a pigeon isn’t the first bird I see, and probably the 3rd living thing after the GF and dog.

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Yeah i agree. They should have taken my screaming upthread as a warning



How long has this been going on for? If its been noticeable and a lil while may be worth talking to yer doctor about it

Hanging doors is definitely on the same list as plastering, where you see someone who knows what they’re doing, and that makes you think “that’s straightforward”, only to find out that you’re very mistaken and are too far in to not make a mess.