Thursday thread feat: First Bird Of The Day

probs a week or 10 days? assumed it was a post-covid slump + (low level) drinking after being off that for a good few weeks

just making me feel like i need 12 hours to function lately which isnt all that practical

Oh yeah thats not enough to go to the doctor about and you have explanations. If its beeb a month or so then consider it.

Not alarming you or nowt its just there are often solutions to morning fatigue once the cause os found but it sounds like youre just recovering

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Seeee this is why I post my inner most deepest thoughts on here, thank you, I’ll avoid it :laughing: (maybe)

Did a total 6 hours of presentations at work yesterday which were both really important then went out and got absolutely twatted so I’m feeling extremely tired and delicate today.
Absolutely nailed my work though, got “excellent, analysis, great strategy” from the MD and CFO for something I’ve been working on for a month which was good.


It’s my Friday!!! Work irked at a colleague who is off for the next 3 weeks and made to time at all to give me a handover and now it’s happening while he’s in his car this afternoon.

But anyway

Got therapy at lunch so that’s good and it’s sunny out

Think my 1st bird was one of the cute little sparrows that hang out out back

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Fuck off m8

Basically booked Friday off to do all the jobs I’ve been putting off for ages so it won’t be that fun

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Thanks for the reassurance :pray:

no its a good thought, im just grumpy


Can’t see it but can hear a blackbird chirping away.

Not much on today. Go for a quick spin on the bike. Get the clippers out and give my hair a doing. Going out for a meal and maybe some drinks this evening.

Left laptop at work so cant even wfh :frowning:

Good morning.

Haven’t seen a bird yet but can hear the occasional pigeon.

Blasting Milestones by Miles Davis while WFH. Going for a driving lesson later, that’s about it.

This post paid for by PROF$.

@inthedusk thought of you as I bought a bunch of brown things from H&M, a dressing gown and towels, tho they’re a wee bit too brown, I thought they’d be a bit more rich orangey in colour so they’re going back :cry:

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Dozen of seagulls making an absolute racket at 5:30 for no reason

Just dropped our contracts off at the solicitors, now I have to do quite a bit of work AND there’s a big tour later so I’ll be here late. I’m afraid I do not care about birds so don’t notice what they are.


Been in this job 4 months and my scrum team have just added me to the “just the actual team and no one else” teams chat and what appears to be a chat for sharing meams etc

Telling myself this is because I finally eared their trust for standing up for the team vs management on a call yesterday (I always do this but this would be the 1st time they heard me do it)

Actual reality is they probably only just noticed I’m not in them


Is it like this

Chris Pratt Weekend GIF by MOODMAN

Because mine sure as shit is


Wood pigeon just outside the window, driving our Joni mad with the urge to kill, very annoying.

Had our work party last night and I don’t usually drink these days but it was a full open bar with all cocktails and such so I couldn’t resist and I had a cranberry margharita and a couple of cosmopolitans and just gushed about how much I love everyone and then left at 9:30pm because I felt sick. Embarrassing, awful, kill me now etc.

The bright side of this low tolerance is that I also drank loads of water because I felt a bit sick and got home at a good time so, swings and roundabouts. Was still 10 mins late to WFH because I overslept though. Gotta go have breakfast now and I might just have loads of crisps and a coffee.

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Shattered today. Feel like I’ve ran a marathon. Straight home to bed when I finish at 1pm.

There’s a guy on tik tok who does this stuff all the time. Makes it look easy obvs but the results are v good!

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