Thursday thread for 22/08/19

Morning all.

I’m on a train. Decent coffee shop was closed at this time so had to get a Pret filter.

Didn’t have time for breakfast so got a pret cookie.

Got 45 mins to kill in Carlisle soon, that’ll be fun.

Got to go to work in a minute


Went to sleep at 9.30 last night. Still tired.


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Did you shit the bed?

Same question as above.

Morning all! :wave:

Thursday morning lie-in :sleeping:

2 days left till my week off :sunny:

Gonna play some Bully :school_satchel:

Not much else to report today :woman_shrugging:

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Where bounce u goin on holiday hun

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Staycation babes

Gonna spend a week playing WoW classic


Still better than work!

Just woken up all shaken up due to a dream i was having about n*clear attacks and feel all weird and dodgy now. I was stood near a building site and could see in the distance men working high up on buildings and all of a sudden you see missiles just fly straight into the building and men falling off and then they started coming closer to where i was. I ran to hide in likr long grass and try to get underneath ground but then you could feel the planes abovr you and dropping them near and the ballbearings flying out all around you :disappointed_relieved:

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Another member of Team Badsleep checking in.

I’ve got to enrol a load of students today after I drive to another campus and set up my classrooms for next week.

CBA is strong in this one.

Badsleep over here.


Maybe people will answer if I poll it

Did you shit the bed last night?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not Sure
  • Mind yer own
  • Did YOU?

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Good morning Unlucky and friends,

Just woke up from a bizarre and horrible dream and full on sobbed. Winnie even turned around and bumped her head against me a bit.
Loads of other stuff was going on, but basically the 3 friends I went camping with this weekend (2 of which are ATDs) broke up with me after saying some really awful things about me. It was gut wrenching.
But also, weirdly, Janelle Monae was kinda my new girlfriend and was trying to comfort me…so, swings and roundabouts.

Going to get up and go for a walk in a minute then work, then this evening picking up our Reading Festival wristbands, woop woop!!! Oh gosh I’ve just remembered how excited I am for tomorrow’s line up😊

Still feeling a bit choked up and sad from my dream though. Hope it fades soon.

Have a great day, all!


Horrible dream solidarity hug xxxx

Got home last night and my door key wouldn’t work, so had an hour or so of traipsing around trying to figure out what to do before she eventually got in touch and let me in. Was desperate for bed before that, was a zombie by the time I got in. Today might be tough.

Hope the bad dream crew feel better soon. @fappable I swear I have that exact dream every few months. Solidarity.

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I’ve had many a dream like the one you’ve had above. Just your brain exacerbating anxiety to the max. Horrible waking up as if you’ve gone throigh the trauma of a break up and demanding an apology from everyone cos you think its real :grin:


I had a dream that I was involved in a big football match between leavers and remainers and the winners decided the outcome of Brexit, except we weren’t playing with our legs, we were in cars/helicopters.


Get it out of my head