Thursday thread for thicc thirsty thangs

Sorry about the terrible thread title.

IT IS NEARLY A LONG WEEKEND AGAIN and just one more day until I get thoroughly pumped. Work to endure before that happens though and the bathroom needs a clean.

However I am looking super cute today so there’s that.

What are you doing today and are you looking cute while doing it? :nail_care: :princess: :dancing_women:


MATE, those eyeflicks are PERFECTION! :+1:

I look like shite. 3 hours sleep and I’m dressed to clamber up a mountain :muscle:



Still in bed. My quest to ride 500km between Christmas Eve and NYE is now over cos of shit weather: wind and rain yesterday and ice today.

Off to some annual family meal tonight. Cba. Thank god it’s back to London tomorrow.



Waiting in for a food delivery, going to roast a chicken at some point, and really need to clean the kitchen .

Going to rearrange Jnrs room too. I bloody love a rearrange! I

Morning! Heading back home from Christmas 2 at GF’s parents this morning. Had enough now so might take the decorations down this afternoon. When do people generally take theirs down?

Will probably get a festive McDonald’s at the services on the way home.

Morning @TheBarbieMovie2023 @plasticniki @Witches @anon76851889 @Scout @dillingerswheelman @imipolex and everyone

Another quiet day in the office ahead. My boss sees it as a fair trade-off between coming in this week and not being expected to do much work. There is an unopened tub of Quality Street on the desk and I feel like opening it would be a bad thing to do.

Radiator is still broken but I’ve got a fan heater (make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love)


G’day y’all.

Slept eleven hours last night.

Full of cold. Into work, might actually do some today but fucked if I am staying much beyond 2:00.

Kids with me tonight. Might do some lego with them.

Safe journey back to blighty @anon76851889. The babbit is fine and dandy.


I may come pick him up this evening and say hi to the kids.

Morning all. I’m in bed with a temperature :sneezing_face:

Supposed to be going to work but feeling proper grim. Really hope I’m feeling a bit better for family games night tomorrow and NYE with friends.

You are looking super cute! :heart_eyes:

I’m laying in bed trying to work up the energy to get up. WFH again then painting this afternoon.

I’m hungry. And I look like shit cause I plaited my hair for gym yesterday and didn’t wash it cause we were DIY so it’s a crazy wild crimped bird nest.

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Cool - Should have them at around 5:30 onwards.

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My lift can’t get their car out of their driveway :cry:

Think Munro number 12 might not be happening :sob:

Bit cold out

gd mrnng

had to start work at 6 which was cold and dark but now the sun’s out and I’m gonna force myself to go for a jog in a bit. Then porridge, bit of work, home at around 2.

Started looking at gigs in the first few months of the year so will probably spend billions and be skint again


Still coughing - but no night sweats last night which is progress

Stayed up pretty late last night watching S2 of Search Party and battling with the 4OD app on my PS3 in the process - fuck me that app is shit

Think I’m going to be helping the girl I’ve been seeing move the contents of her shop to a different shop today.

Never heard it etc


Morning. Still in bed which makes a change from getting up at silly o’clock most mornings in December. Working until 9pm tonight. Having avocado, egg and toast for breakfast

Standard Thursday really

Morning everyone.

Had a really bad night’s sleep that has knocked my recovery from the cold I’ve been suffering from since the weekend. So no, I am not looking cute, and definitely not as cute as the rest of you lot.

Yesterday was a hectic day of entertaining 10 other family members, so this morning is a going to be a quiet one filled with eating leftovers, before this afternoon is basically all Star Wars: off to see The Last Jedi at the Science museum Imax and then the Secrets Of The Empire virtual reality thing at Westfield.

*makes lightsabre noise *

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Why did I agree to work today