Thursday thread for thicc thirsty thangs

Not cute today or ever. Still a bit sick but better but still sick. Blurgh.


:tired_face: Maybe on a day where a car can’t be got out a driveway it’s not a good idea to climb a monro anyway. Is there anything else fun you can do instead?


Hi everyone! In work for one day, manning the phones while we have a skeleton crew in. Building is eerily quiet compared to a normal day.

Going to practice later as the Hags gig is tomorrow. tonight will be the first time all four of us have been in a room in two years so I’m very excited!

Yeah, you’d think that normally but they’ve got a really really steep driveway and sort of live down in a hollow, the roads are meant to be fine and it’s meant to be a brilliant day. I am the rage.

I’m going to go to the dump with my Mum :joy:


Silver linings :smiley:



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Morning all. This is my first day back at work and it’s a standard week, except we’ve got the same amount of work to finish but one day fewer to knock it all over. Hey ho.
Seeing Bill Bailey tonight at Shepherd’s Bush. Should be excellent.


Might get out of bed in a minute. Might. Being tempted by the prospect of my first cup of proper coffee in a week. :coffee::coffee::coffee:

No great plans for today so will probably play some board games. Excited to crack out the one where you can be a tiny plastic Wookiee and kill tiny plastic Stormtroopers, or the one that’s a little bit like Settlers of Catan (@Twinkletoes) except you’re the island and trying to get the settlers to piss off :smiley:

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Morning you lovely lot.

In work again, but will be doing very little again. Got ma coffee, gonna have me a delicious lunch, and I’ll mostly be procrastinating with the few other homedogs who’ve drawn the festive short straw.

And you guys… :smiley:

Love a trip to the dump!

There have been quite a few DiSers going to the tip with their parents this Christmas. Maybe it needs to be a rolling DiS feature.

(Sorry about the Munro, btw :frowning: )



Hey DiS gang! I’m still in bed. Yesterday I drove from South Wales to London and it took seven fucking hours, basically all my worst nightmares I was worried about beforehand came true. But I did it. Dropped baby off at nursery first thing, back in bed, then I’ll get up, drive the hire car back, then come home, and start packing for Florida since we’re off to the airport early tomorrow. No rest for the wicked. (I know I’m really lucky to be going to the states but fuck I would just like a rest. Baby on a 10 hour flight :cold_sweat:)

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We’re getting a new bathroom next week, so happy to contribute some skip pics.

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Eating toast, wfh.
Cuteness level never really drops below 70% but I’ve put a wash on and am wearing old purple chinos so it could be pretty damn high depending on yr preference.

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Thaaank ccb. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so excited.

Still fully dressed to go. Going to sit in bed and drink my flask of coffee and look at pictures of views from the tops of Munros on my computer. POUT.

That’ll do pig, that’ll do.


You get to go to the dump!!! Love a trip to the dump.