Thursday thread for thicc thirsty thangs

Oh shit I cannot handle a crying orphaned piglet at this time of morning.

Oh man, heaven. Will have to organise a trip to the dump for January, it’s been too long.

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Are you allowed to scavenge / lift stuff from your dump? Imagine all the weird plant pots that might be there!

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Don’t encourage her!

:woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: Gotta give her something

This is true!

Close family, eh?


I was prime age when this first came out. I’ve loved pigs ever since. I had Babe slippers.


Not now, keith.


Well, definitely not today. Still sick and I haven’t been able to shower/wash my hair yet today (water is off because our kitchen tap died yesterday and my uncle is currently replacing it) :confounded:

Hello everyone :wave:

Back in London after spending Christmas in Wiltshire. So nice to have reasonable broadband speeds, room temperatures below 25C and derision over passport cover colours.

Catching up with League of Gentlemen. It’s alright.

Went to the supermarket yesterday. My was full of typical January food. And so it begins

Yeah… This isn’t happening AT ALL!


Watching classic Simpsons, getting paid for it.


Looking over my dissertation documentary planning stuff and slightly panicking at the realisation that I’m going to have to interview people. Wondering who I’m going to be third-wheeling this New Year’s Eve as well (secretly I kind of want to eat chilli and watch films alone like a hermit with access to a quantity of chilli)

Absolutely hanging and to make matters worse it looks beautiful outside . I’ve been wanting to go for a walk and today is the first day in about a week we’ve got the weather for it. As it is I’ll probably just roll around in bed like a pig man.


This is my ideal NYE except it is not a secret.


Took Hepzibah the Cat for her last jab. She still can’t go out for another week and she’s driving my mum potty.

What a magnificent name for a cat! Kudos due.


Not all of Wiltshire is like that thanks… safetywink…

Feeling bit better today after major naps yesterday and 10 hours sleep last night, still lacking being able to taste though. Lovely day out so should probably go for a walk…

morning all

set an alarm for 8am this morning to try and get my sleeping pattern a bit more back to normal, and because we wanted to go to the shops nice and early. didn’t get up til half 9, have sacked the shops off and my wife has seemingly gone back to sleep. great work all round :clap:

might play some games