Thursday thread of Contrition

Sorry for shoddy behaviour of late.

I don’t think public forums are very good for me (and vice versa naturally).

And sorry to Meowz who I adore.

Love you all


(this is now the regular thursday thread as there didn’t seem to be one - I won’t be posting again until 3018)


Don’t be like that, you’re a great poster and an all-round GBOL.

People make mistakes, but how they react when they make mistakes is what really matters.

If in general it’s having negative effects on you then do what you need to do, but know that you’ll be missed and make these boards a better place.


Hi zxcvbnm.

I just went to pick up a saddle from an internet stranger. Then I rode to work and got an iced coffee and a blueberry bun.

Now I will do some “work” and then go home.


What’s going on?


The people who make/made Netrunner have announced their new card game and it looks like the worst thing ever, so I’m mostly going to be ripping in to that in between doing actual work.

In a lodge in a forest. Still in bed. Got coffee. Got Jeremy Kyle on.
Sue me.

going camping later til monday in aberystwyth. looking forward to it. already enjoyed forwarding an email to a manager who requested a change that i knew wouldnt get past our comms team, from the comms team saying all the things i said they would say


Aber’s beautiful and the drive there is just so fucking beautiful. Have fun!

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Wait a minute, so contrition isn’t just a fancy word for filth?!

aye i love it, its where my dad grew up so we used to go all the time when we were kids. after my grandparents died his side of the family drifted apart a bit, but then i went to see my cousin who still lives in aber a couple of years ago and they all got jealous so weve been having an annual camping trip for the past couple of years now


Gf left bottles of Fanta in the kettle/coffee prep area after the shopping arrived yesterday. I didn’t move them before making my coffee. Knocked a full inverted Aeropress all over everything, didn’t I.

That was fun to clean up, let me tell you.

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That seems surprising to me.


Inverted Aeropress wanker!


fite me

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Today is my Thursday.

Just tried on a couple of suits in preparation for a wedding this weekend. This involved trying on my dress shirt and it nearly strangled me when doing up the top button. Has my neck gotten fat? Is that a thing? Hah, I just remembered that Black Grape song.

My favourite part was trying to wash the packet my Hario filters were in without getting the actual filters wet.

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kids and grown ups love it so


They’re put the 20th anniversary version of Propellerheads’ Decksanddrumsandrockandroll on Spotify, and it’s been accompanied by the Extended Play EP and the History Repeating single with all the remixes. I’m really happy about these things, as therewithin are some belters.

In other news I’m poor, stressed and bored. Hi everyone.

Take it to Filth?

Doesn’t work.


You’ll know this was named after the guy who snuck into the ManUtd team photo.