Thursday thread of Contrition

Morning all!

The Child is doing her third introductory day at nursery so I’ve got an empty house until 2.00.

Already washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen surfaces and done a load of washing. I think I’ve dyed my Shabbaz Palaces t-shirt pink, but I can’t work out how (didn’t wash anything pink or red or anything that hasn’t been washed at least twice already…)

I’m going to do some admin and then play Horizon Zero Dawn until pick up time.

Morning all

Today is my Friday - just been over to the kids’ mum’s to give the eldest her birthday present, then drove her to the station as she is off to Bestival

Today is my Friday, I’m off for a weekend mountain biking in wales with my son tomorrow which should be good


It’s my Friday too, and I’m working from home. There’s far too much noise going on outside so I’ve had to close the window. Bah.

Came a respectable third in the pub quiz last night, mainly thanks to redeeming ourselves in the final round. There’s some people who go and take it very seriously. We were 18 points off the winners. Don’t think we’ll ever win again if those people carry on going :frowning:

I need to pop out and buy some dinner at some point. I had plans to get a pie from the local pie shop, but they’re closed for their summer holidays.

Off work sick. Feel hotter than the sun. Keeping busy


currently lying on the settee with the dog and both my and gfs laptops. she is showering, i am moving her mouse every so often to keep her laptop awake


shit - good thing you didn’t get yourself all built up for a pie

What did sexybum do to meow?

Not trying to stir up beeves or drag up anything super unpleasant so please ignore/delete this if appropriate. Just a fan of both and wondering what happened. Ta.

Don’t mock me @grievoustim - you’re a Bangers customer too. If either of us fancy a pie in the next two weeks we’ll both be disappointed.

no mocking here, just sympathy

You never see those people in the pub at any other time except for during the quiz, which for me isn’t really in the spirit of things.

I am one of two people on our team that’s in today. Pretty busy and I’m a bit shattered after smashing up a bed frame and clearing out a spare bedroom last night.

Will go for a walk after work and then it’s back to D.I.Y. Got an old desk that needs dismantling and a wall that needs painting. Exciting stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.

The big boss just hauled me in to talk about my expenses. Thought I was in for a bollocking. Instead she said to submit them all, even without receipts, and she’ll sign off on them to stop the annoying reminder emails.

1-0 me?


I’m going to go to a book shop to look at books for next term and probably then go for a swim/read on the beach!!!

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Expense your rent and see if they notice.


Hi everyone. I need a new job.

The receptionist!? What the fuck!? I understand medical trainees, with permission granted, but this seems crazy.

Jesus fucking Christ

Keep reading the thread title to the tune of the first line of the chorus of Ignition Remix :frowning:

Normally they ask if you’d prefer a second person to be present, did they not give you the option?

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Sadly not, it seems :neutral_face: