Thursday thread of Contrition

Probably been burnt by accusations before. Still, better now you’ve been seen by a doctor and will hopefully get the right treatment.

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It is weird, but maybe the person on the reception desk that morning was more of a triage nurse, maybe?

i mean, maaaaaaybe but what a waste of resources if they are

About to get a :airplane: to :ireland: for :musical_note: :camping: :man_dancing: :beers: :crazy_face: :pill: :dizzy_face:


Struggling to get going today as just got a load of annoying queries to deal with - mostly as people can’t be sensible and do their jobs right.

Sat with one other lady in the office so feels rude to put headphones in but that’s all i want to do. Time for a cig i think.

Also trying to eat gluten free which doesn’t seem to be easy on the cheap


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Today at work everyone is grumpy and muttering because our manager is going on maternity leave and we are convinced that the member of staff who will be acting manager in her absence will be a little Hitler and when the manager comes back next year she’ll find us all gone.



Went on a slightly ill-advised outing a few stops down the train line to look at the boats in @jont2001’s homeland. R asked very nicely for strawberry ice cream so I treated him to some and when it arrived he wouldn’t touch it… I think he likes the idea of ice cream more than the actual stuff. He eventually had toast instead and then threw a tantrum when I said we had to go home, which meant I had to carry him further than I am comfortable doing with my busted wrist.

So knackered now.

Aww sorry to hear it was all a bit hard work. Leigh can be a bit tough when the weather is good and it’s busy. Did you head up into town? The walk up the cliffs is a drag but the Broadway and library/Gardens are really nice

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We just stayed at the bottom - walked past the marina looking at the boats, then found somewhere shady to sit. The distance was a bit further than I remembered so it probably would have been better to take the pushchair in hindsight.

Might try go up the cliffs next time if there is another adult to share the load. I know nothing of the library or gardens, they are good then?

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yeah the library is decent and the playground and gardens next door are a nice place for a shady picnic or walk around.

Edit: didn’t realise the gardens had their own trip advisor page

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Ooh, sounds nice. The train to Leigh is only just over a fiver return so it is good to know more things to do there :slight_smile:

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