Thursday Thread of This Day

Actually, it’s this afternoon now. Apparently a bit more complicated that usual due to some awkward positioning, but hopefully not too bad.


Goood morning. Was going to take the dogs for a walk but cant find my flashlight. Oh well, going to make a breakfast sandwich instead.

Lovely morning.

Going to take dog for a walk and then have a blast on the bike for an hour or so.

Do a bit of housework I suppose - by which I mean turn the washing machine on.


I hope your tree there paid tribute to the ‘former tree of the year’ that got knocked down for HS2 in its acceptance speech.

Half term. Going to do absolutely nothing, nothing absolutely.

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Hayley’s bringing me in an egg mcmuffin

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Thursday and Friday are double work days.

Had a dream Fred Dibnah got cancelled

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After months of not a hint of a bird on my window feeder I moved the box to the back of the flat and now I have a wee magpie friend that visits me


After it belting down with rain yesterday, it’s lovely and sunny here today, so I think I’m going to go for a walk and pick up a couple of things from the shops on the way back before Lockdown 2 starts tomorrow evening.


I haven’t had much in ages (as not really been putting much on it), but was quite busy on Saturday. Just had one come and fly off as I was filling the kettle, couldnt tell if it was cos it wasn’t interested in the food or it spotted me.

Second interview this afternoon. Spent all of last night melting down about it. I’m ill and there are 8 tasks they’ve asked for me to present! Ridiculous.

Anyway. Just got to do what I can with what I’ve got. Today hasn’t got off to a good start, the tissue I was blowing my ever-leaking nose on went through and I snotted all over my interview dress FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF :see_no_evil:

I’ve coasted out of last weekend which means I can’t coast into this one, life is unfair.

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It’s probably no consolation to mention that I’m not just coasting to the weekend but a whole week off then?

I hope you have a lovely week off you shit

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what’s in this sandwich?!

woke up about 2 hours ago fully clothed on top of my bed. man i have a drouth




had to take big man to the hospital for an appt this morning, another blood test coz his jaundice levels haven’t gone down as much as they want them to. 8am appointment!! meant we had to get up at 5 to get him ready and sort the dogs out, ffs

Accidentally scared a little robin who was waiting on my windowsill for some bread. Feel terrible

SUCCESS THOUGH. I was stood there putting some out and Mr CantCloseTheGate came in and I gave him a look and he closed it.

Jesus wept my life is boring.


Naa, can’t be fucked.