Thursday Thread Of Utter Filth

What’s the ming-ing-est sexual thing you have ever done/seen/heard about?

Your mum.


Girl I went to uni with said she had a boyfriend who once shoved a mr. freeze ice pole up her arse then pulled it out and ate it

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Either way is bad but I really hope it was out of it’s wrapper.


it was

Would have really smarted if it was in the wrapper. By far the more sensible option to remove it first


My friend was having sex with her boyfriend and she was on top and she was sick on him and they just carried on.

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Seen? Undoubtedly two girls one cup.

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That’s how fetishes start

I’ve been sicked on, but we very definitely did not carry on.

uh huh


then kids in a sandbox
4 girls fingerpaint,
THEN 2 girls 1 cup.


wouldn’t have been anything grim about eating it after though

Someone I was attracted to spoke to me once. Might’ve been speaking to someone stood behind me actually.


not really either way tbf - as long as well douched and comes out clean?

I haven’t seen those others.

Actually I’m going to say that Tubgirl (don’t fucking Google that unless you are in complete privacy, guys, ffs) may be the most disgusting thing I’ve seen.

One man’s unopened mr freeze is another man’s hand towel


I THINK I know which one that is. Grim.

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Know a lad that re-used a johnny once. Sounded grim.

Only other stuff I can think of is quite daft like the rumours at school that one lass fingered herself with a scientific calculator in the chemistry lab.

I mean eating ass is great, and I’ve had someone suck me off after being in their ass, so it’s hardly like it’s the most out there thing. A little weird and I don’t really ‘get’ food sex, but just doesn’t seem minging to me.

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