Thursday Thread sponsored by Dr. Oetker

Just thought I’d bring Dis’ attention to this deal

Thats 3 pizzas, a garlic bread and a bottle of pop for 5 bish.

The good doctor can’t say fairer than that.




I am a bit hungover and trying to wriggle out of giving colleagues lifts anywhere because I’m fed up of them.


Ended up going the purpy turty after all?

No, and the colleagues who did ended up getting knocked back because they didn’t all have ID :joy:

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Morning all.

So tired lately. When I parked the car this morning I genuinely considered slapping the heating on and having a nap.

Hope you’re all well.

Morning. There was some lovely mist on the journey to work this morning (photos don’t really do it justice)


Working today then :pizza: after work, then Laura Veirs after that! I may or may not prepare a sign for her to hold up.


Happened to me during World Cup 2014 so I feel their pain.

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Sleepy this morning

Hello. I’m broken again, still got a bad cold, it’s gone to my chest now and did another hard going hike, this time on a precarious path along the side of a vertical mountain to reach a temple. The stairs, oh my god the stairs. The Fitbit reckons I did 240 flights. Posed for photos with about 20 differeent Chinese families, the absolute weirdos. I’m now curled up in bed trying to get warm and might watch bake off for some home comfort.


Prefer doctor oetkers cakes in a mug to his pizzas

Morning all!

Chilly out, isn’t it?

I’ve got to rearrange the kitchen cupboard before I’m allowed to complete HZD.

Now that’s the deal of the week.

  • runs off to ideland*
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Half day today, then have four (4) flat viewings in the afternoon, then Villagers later

Ooft that rock :heart_eyes:

Today is my Friday.

Morning! TV hasn’t slept well at all the last 2 nights. I massively sympathise and feel awful for her but also feel awful because her tossing and turning has kept me awake for hours both nights. :zzz::zzz::zzz:

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Mike Leigh just called Michael Caine ‘Old-fashioned bullshit!’ on BBC Breakfast.


I don’t have a podcast but I’d be happy to get one off the ground for the good of any future birthday parties you may have.