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Classic tone / sev


Can’t remember what happened but Severed has also popped up in one of my dreams recently


Morning all!

I’m wearing a suit today because I’ve got a morning full of important meetings. Although the people visiting were meant to be here for 9, and they haven’t arrived yet. Ho hum.

I’m also wearing my not-so-new DMs that I originally wore to a wedding that I’ve worn less than half a dozen times because they mash up my Achilles heel, because they’re not worn in. What a vicious circle.

Oooh, very nice. What’s that building in the first picture?

my sister gave me a new cycling cap, sorry for my big silly face, morning


whats the rest of it look like? :mountain: :crown:


I’m now singing “Dr. Oetker, what’s the worst that could happen?” in my head thanks to the thread title.

Just two of us in work today. This might fuck up my plans for doing a college essay during quiet arts of the day.

Niiiice :smiley:



It’s called the Red Mount Chapel. It’s from the 15th century and used to be a staging post for people making a pilgrimage to Walsingham.


Ahh, that’s a beautiful building. I love this brickwork.

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I’m on a train for several hours, on a spectacularly beautiful autumn day. :orange_heart:



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Nah mate. Train coffee and packed sandwiches and lots of Bright Eyes and Johnny Cash.


Jnr has discovered such a strange world of colours/playdoh/slime/glitter videos on YouTube the last few months. Some of them are just people opening loads of kinder eggs then pretending to microwave the toy.

Anyway, that’s what we’re watching now. I really need to sort out the state of my kitchen but not yet. Not yet.

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you used to be cool

Never been one for train beers

Today’s the big day where I get to the bottom of the water cooler water. Someone finished it before I got a chance so it’s been replaced halfway through my big mish. I’ve not drank a whole tub of water but i think I’ve come close. Can’t be done in a day. That’s my takeaway from all this.


How does it feel drinking that much water?
I need to work on my general hydration

i’ve accidentally come to work dressed as a goth