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pics please


did my driving theory this morning. turned up at the school and was asked to get into a car driven by someone I don’t know to this really weird semi dilapidated complex on the outskirts of town, where the test was being held.

thought I was gonna get shot or something. definitely something that would happen to me.

ffs @japes don’t keep us waiting!!!

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Hullo everyone.

Just been on a tour of my old secondary school with my daughter. WFH now so just brewed some coffee. Have to test software upgrades and prepare for a big presentation in Manchester next week (and again, same thing, same place the following week).

Any Mancunian DiSers with recommendations of good places to grab something to eat and a decent crafty ale place would be gratefully received and probably receive a like.

School run again this afternoon, take the kids swimming and out for a drink this evening.

It’s full on, boy. Full on.


there’s no mirror in here for me to get a decent photo so you’ll have to use your imagination

black t-shirt, black jeans, black denim jacket, black lipstick



knew i forgot something


That does sound like me tbf

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Aw DB now I feel bad, I’d actually be well up for some hill walking followed by pub? X

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Seeing as I’m in here now I might as well tell you about my day:

Meeting a pal for lunch before getting the bus down to London, playing in Beer Merchant Tap F.C. 5-a-side team and then going to see Idles!

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New northern monk place
Port street
Beer moth
Cloud water beer tap

As for food… loads of places… what food do you want… :confused:

Cheap curry- yagdars or this n that
Burrito - ponchos
Pizza - rudys
Chinese- head up to the big Asian supermarket - wing yip and go to the restaurant above there, called glamorous
Tapas - el gato negro
Vietnamese - Vnam

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Thanks - that’s a decent start…

Anywhere that does a decent burger or good thai food?

Ah schöne Norge :heart_eyes:

No idea if you guys use schöne or if you do how you spell it!

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Loads of places do burgers :man_shrugging:
Solita, almost famous, hawksmoor, ‘luck, lust liquor and burn’, mr thoms chophouse might

Thai - not sure if Siam smiles is still there, chaophraya is nice but a chain place, Thaikhun is alright if you’re near spinnjngfieds, phetpailin is a decent BYOB.

Nice - really appreciate that, thanks so much! :+1::+1:

Shout outs to soup kitchen, the castle and crown and kettle also


hear o’shea’s does a nice pint.


let me know which part of town you end up in, theres loads Ive not mentioned tbf. and you may be a bit away from some places I have mentioned. :slight_smile:

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