THURSDAY Thread, the weekend is in sight

Morning folks. Working 6am - 10pm today, same tomorrow. I can do this - and that weekend is in sight…

Morning all.

On the tram to the office. Up and out of the house in under 30 minutes this morning. A post lock down record.

Very sunny, which tricked me into not getting my hat or gloves. Bloody cold out.

Morning all!

I’m invigilating a Psychology exam this morning (because everyone whose job it actually might be is teaching or has The Rona) and then running a revision class this afternoon. My night class should be quite easy once I’ve cleared the marking. Tomorrow is entirely non-teaching so I am very much looking forward to that.

I’m going to listen to ‘Second Coming’ in the car because of @safebruv posting about Tightrope the other day.

Morning! I just accidentally bought a pair of Yeezys. I mean, it was deliberate, but I didn’t think I’d get through the draw. Still, cool shoes coming my way.


I’ve got to go and do some roundtable event with some academics for 5 hours today. Another good day off I see :see_no_evil:

Listening to something about Theda Bara and now I am 100% obsessed with changing my name to Theda. Might use it as my next on holiday alias.

Dearly wish i had a pastry.

Morning. My Monday today, Mother’s Day weekend (one of the busiest of the year). Looks like I have childcare issues tomorrow, wife is upset about her work. Fun house today


Was thinking about a bike ride out to Henley in Arden or Droitwich to get a nice ice cream. Legs are a bit achey though, so more likely I’ll just have a potter around locally.

Might hang some washing out on the line

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Just had such a good long sleep, a solid 9 hours. Amazing, what a time to be alive.

WFH, hoping for a less hectic day than the last two days. A swim somewhere in there.

Really tired. Got overstimulated by the food heathens thread and couldn’t sleep

Just overheard the builders telling a story that involved the phrase “pencil-dicked wanker”, so that was a good start to the day


You really should close the curtains when you’re getting dressed


fuck off trees

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Got some people round today to replace the fencing the got blown over a few weeks ago. Without warning, they turned up at 7:30am, when I was still very much in my dressing gown phase of the day.

I’m now hiding in the woods with the dogs for a couple of hours until they’re (hopefully) done.


Got covid again. Well pissed off.
Feel a lot better this time though. Had it first wave, urrrgh. Horrible.

I would like to try to do something constructive with my isolation time. Going to start with a bed tea and take it from there…

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Still no positive from me despite living with a Covid positive person for 4 days and feeling slightly rough. Took yesterday afternoon off as I just felt drained! Could be something else though.

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Oh no! GWS.

What does this mean for you for Fucked Up next week? Presumably, if you return some negative tests beforehand you’ll still be okay?

So i managed to get my overtime back and some how managed to afford BOTH festivals i had hoped to go this year (great escape and blue dot) whilst also clearing money i owe elsewhere. Today is a good day and hopefully the start of a change of fortunes for myself in terns of finances.

A tight month this month given ive dropped 300 on festival tickets but without that expense i wouldve been confiortable which makes me excited for the coming months :partying_face:

Sorry for the humble brag but reeping rewards for the last months hard work and change to iverall lifestyle feels super duper duper rewarding after how last year ended and this year started


still got this ColdFromHell. My right bollock hurts as well. Will keep you all updated!

early finish to go to a small beer fest with my birthdaytwin

feel im being productive and useful at work, which is a nice change too

no pains or ear ringing from the gig last night, all gooood


Getting a £60 haircut this afternoon. I better be wading through clunge on the walk home afterwards.