THURSDAY Thread, the weekend is in sight

Waiting for a delivery again today which didn’t arrive yeaterday. Hope it arrives soon so I can get out into the sun.


To clarify: this is not me calling you a dude but calling you out for using language that objectifies women.




marginally less groggy this morning so that’s progress but still gonna WFH the rest of the week and there’s constant drilling going on outside :unamused: had a big video shoot planned this weekend and of course someone’s come down with covid so it’s rapidly coming apart. ffs. going to console myself with a large pot of coffee and maybe get some fancy lunch delivered or something idk. :coffee:

Beautiful Birmingham


Also I’ve just stopped at a coffee place and I’ve got a chocolate concrete and custard cookie.

That is a cookie made from chocolate concrete and filled with custard. Maybe it qualifies as a doughnut.

gonna need to see a pic to properly categorize it imo


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Not one of the options, I’m afraid…

Chocolate concrete, what? Explain.

It’s a chocolate cake that is somewhat firm, hence the name concrete. School dinner staple at least in this neck of the woods.


Well it’s not fucking coffee is it?


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Still feel like I’ve got mid-table lergy, but I’m bravely ploughing on.

Got loads to do but none of it is due for over a week and I am completely incapable of starting stuff when there’s no pressure.

Can’t wait to be retired.

Sorry, was an attempt at irony. Won’t use it again.

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Thank you. Mine took a few days to go positive. Don’t know if this tracks with you…

fascinating symptoms/test chat

Felt a bit shit Sat: negative - went to work
Same on Sun: negative - went to work
Monday: negative - went to work but coughed all during the night. Non-stop it seemed like.
Felt really bad Tues (on my day off of course. Didn’t test). Coughed all Tues night so tested again yesterday and it finally went positive.

Really weird and am terrified that I’ve spread it about. Still wear a mask on public transport and in shops, anti-bac my hands, live alone, but still. Saw loads of people on a training day on Friday. Had drinks on Thurs. Fuck.

Hope you avoid it though. Can happen

Really hoping I’ll be ok for that. Should be. I’ll test over the weekend and see what’s what. Feeling loads better already. No coughing last night. Just a bit of a headache and runny nose now :crossed_fingers: :grimacing:

Have already missed seeing Whisper of the Heart in the cinema on Tuesday night and am missing one of my best friend’s leaving drinks on Friday.
Fuck covid so very much.

My boss just made a joke about potentially paying me an extra 15k a year.

My dear misguided fool, this is not how jokes work.




Joy of early gardening has been dulled by the numbing sadness of work.

Today was a lot of digging and planting which felt great. Next week is building sheet metal + concrete trenches dug into a perimeter to stop the bamboo from getting crazy