Thursday Thread then is it? ☀️🌳

it’s like raaaaaain on your wedding day

Afternoon, had a classic lunch a peanut butter chicken curry with a side of hash browns. Finally got a food shop sorted for tomorrow night.

A few hours of work to get through before it is chateaubriand time later, a lovely Thursday treat

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So wound up and on edge from work, don’t know what to do with myself :pensive:

  • Start a new jigsaw
  • Do some colouring in your cat colouring book
  • Paint by numbers
  • Scream into a pillow
  • Defenestrate work laptop

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:heart: :heart: :heart:

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She’s got a puzzle out. There was a choice of three, but she went with the one that had a dog in the picture. She’s now realised that the puzzle includes “Unique and varied shapes from the House of Puzzles” and she is taking very vexed umbrage with the puzzle. “Grrrr! it’s already annoying me”, she was overheard saying.


I’ve a feeling I’m too late, but just in case…

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Still a bit upset about yesterday but today has been nice. Took Misty to her fave field for a runaround, then we picked up Pete and had a pub lunch - I thought I’d made a mistake ordering goats cheese and walnut salad but omg it was the best salad I’ve eaten in YEARS.

Pete managed to offend some ladies on another table by talking loudly about foreigners, turns out one of them was German.

It’s too hard, it’s supposed to be relaxing!!

Not too late at all! Send me yer address plz

Feeling proud that sometimes when i think i come off as a total bozo I’m not always right :smiling_face:


Gonna go home and watch Snooker

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Do you send abroad? :beers:

Last day of work finished, now for a 4 day weekend before the new job starts on Tuesday. I’m leaving jump-starting the car as a problem for Future Fran to deal with.

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Mamma Chebbles is awake and coming home after her surgery, so that is a major relief.

Going to eat some Ben and Jerry’s and play Switch tonight once wee one is down :sleeping:


My son has the ‘artists’ version of this book and it’s a nice inspiring enough read as long as you don’t dwell on some of the people featured too much.
That one though, holy fuck.

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Well bloody tired tobloodyday lads

Got up at 4.50, been out the house since 5.10 and just on me way home from that London with an eta of 8 in the bloody pm

Me legs, lads

And I’m in the bloody office in the bloody morning

Narks me out that book

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Had Pizza Hut though that was sick

Like tbh i actually could have been home hours earlier but like nah mate fuckin Pizza Hut bois

Kinda forgot I was on strike tomorrow so might get a bit J-Kwon