Thursday thread with a vintage feel

Good morning

Awake since 5. I hate my brain.

It’s the ten year anniversary of the Being a Dickhead’s Cool video.

How are you now compared to your 2010 self?


Fatter, more unfit, lazier and in the same job :+1:

Morning. Taking kiddo to nursery this morning, then may get a coffee. Midwife appointment then off to work. Pretty boring


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Final year of my PhD, so stressed, had enormously fucked up my personal life, and was living in the worst flat I’ve ever lived in by far.

Bit better now.

Nothing to report.

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Once went dressed as a ‘dickhead’ from this video for fancy dress on a night out - low cut tee, empty frames, a sailor tattoo on my chest that said ‘twat’ and a little 8 bit mario necklace thing. Bumped into someone at the bar who was dressed identically (apart from the tattoo and necklace) to me but non-ironically and got a super filthy look from them.

That’s the end of my dickhead story


Got tonsillitis, haven’t I.


Fatter, more muscle, less of a dickhead, kinder, have more money.

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I’m sure you’re different in other ways too


I… cant remember… :confused:

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Here’s my poll, was supposed to be going on a fairly big walk with a pal I’ve not seen for a couple of years (only just moved back from NZ) but his mum is ill so he can’t come now.

  • Do the walk on your own
  • Do a different walk an your own
  • Don’t walk, plan for another day next weekend

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Kind of funny how many of the things in that song are now seen as ordinary.

Edit: apart from the going to gigs and warehouse raves bit

Remember this track, from (erk!) thirteen and a half years ago?


Was about 3 stone heavier, drinking stupidly, working in a posh department store, massively depressed and in and out of a weird long distance terrible relationship. I’m at least 10000000 times better off now.


Depends how important the social aspect of a walk is to you.

And also the weather.

I’ve done this walk/similar walks on my own previously but usually would have met all my other pals in the pub which obviously hasn’t happened so would have been nice to have company.

Weather is good.

I never used to get tonsillitis back then. I had significantly longer hair and I was just as miserable but in a different way.

Listen to a podacst or a book. We don’t need people anymore.

I was at the end of my first significant relationship, my life was about to get really weird for a bit. Better now by a long way.

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My wee niece asked my mum what she wants to be when she grows up. Mum said “a teacher”, because it’s something she’d understand.

She then asked my niece what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she thought about it for a second and said “me want to be Peppa Pig”


A lot happier, actually! Thanks for bringing on that cheerful realisation this morning.

I’m going on a little holiday starting tomorrow (worked all summer as you know), so today I’m mostly fixing stuff around the flat and preparing for that. Need to be at the airport at 0730 tomorrow :sob::sob:


Morning all!

I’ve got two classes to deliver today, both of which I imagine will be difficult for different reasons. They’re the last I’m teaching until Monday though so the end is in sight.

2010 Keith was not a happy boy but he was better than 2011 Keith.