Thursday thread


Nice out eh? Loads to do today so I’m going to absolutely smash it over the bleachers (by which I mean post on DiS all day).

@DarwinBabe I hope your hangover isn’t too awful :thumbsup:


I’m on strike today.

For the first time in, I think, of nine years of union membership, I’m going to stand on a picket line this morning. The union organised a bus to Edinburgh but I’m not going that far.

Channelling full hastag twitter adolescent by planning a cheeky Nando’s or Subway for lunch.


Enjoying a leisurely breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast with avocado and hot saawce. Went to see I Am Not Your Negro last night (good, if a bit disjointed) and did loads of boring admin type life stuff so woke up without the vague sense of dread that usually accompanies my mornings!!


#cheeky #chicketlinemorelike




Ely is looking quite nice this morning tbh

Not an awful lot to report here, but I hope you all have a lovely daaa(recurring)y


Today is my Friday.
We’ve not been to bed before midnight since last Thursday - I’m so tired. Packing is not a relaxing way to spend the evenings.



Still not really over whatever eponymised me the other night so I’m going to work from home to avoid any… unpleasantness on the commute.

I’ve got my absolute favourite work task to do today: I need to write a letter to the patent office saying:

"Dear Patent Office,

My opponent is an absolute weapon. Here’s why.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Of Course, Quite A Lot Of It Is ‘Smug’ From Me"

I live for this shit.


Alright peoples,

Not feeling 100% but It’s nearly the weekend and I have a massage later on :blush: I AM TOO EXCITED. Though I feel like @Aphextwinkletoes might need it more than me. Packing is indeed rubbish :confused: It’s good to get a clear out though as you do it! Start fresh in your new place. After going a bit mad getting rid of basicallly all my underwear I’m eyeballing the rest of my clothes for the heave-ho … :scream:


I am in real need of a massage. I also have quite an aversion to being touched by strangers (and most people I know as well tbh).

Enjoy yours though!


morning everyone


nice thursday, stupidsexyflanders!

tired. i did not rest well last night. truthfully? slept terribly. spent most of my commute wi ma eyes closed, couldn’t even stick on the tunes. oh what i would do for a can of starbuck’s double shot espresso right now


Got a day of meetings that I will find mentally and physically intolerable.

Going to see messer chups in Brighton tonight, first time they’ve been over here as far as I know and they are not playing London, it is unlikely I will make my last train and I have work tomorrow



Today is my Friday. Though I’m now somewhat regretting booking tomorrow off (did so months back). Works been fairly full on over the last few weeks and I currently cba to play catch up next Tuesday.

Played squash for the first in couple of weeks last night and I’m a bit achey this morning. Need :coffee: to rid me of this grouchiness.


Didn’t go to bed til late cause I got stuck in a hole of reading about Itch from the King Blues. Like 5 years behind the times.

Had double breakfast today. Toast at home and porridge from Leon :heart_eyes:



mornin team,

i’ve got training all day today…noooooooooooooooooooooooo :sob::sob::sob:


I mentioned it before but had a new neighbour for the past few weeks. He works night and gets a lift home from some lass with an absolute wreck of a car. She takes about 20 shunts to park at 6 am, wakes everyone up, goes in for a cup of tea or a quickie and then goes again 15 minutes later. Absolute fucking nuisance.

Again, 5.45 this morning. Fucking about trying to park for 5 minutes. ‘I’ve had enough of this shit every morning’, I decided. Opened the window to tell them to sort it out and one of the other neighbours was already out there having a word :smiley:


Coffee and an office apple.
Feel like I’m going to be told off today for heading home on time yesterday, because it’s like a weird unwritten rule here that you stay until x amount of work’s been done - which might actually lead to me going full Ruffers on him a bit unless he’s very nice about it.
Think Eric’s making burritos later.


this is very helpful advice :thumbsup: