Thursday thread

It is 4.30am in the morning local time and I am awake after 5 hours’ sleep. Kill me now.

Today I am going back to rainy fascism island, being reunited with my gerbil, and probably sleeping loads. What are you doing today, pals?

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Hey pervo! Good morning DiS! I’m on my second of two days in a row, and naturally I did absolutely bollocks all yesterday apart from going to the pub and running up a tab that I won’t pay off anytime soon.

Today I shall be mostly waiting in for a plumber (no sexytimes planned) then going out cycling with a couple of mates. I’ve managed to break my PC so general productivity at home may very well go up. Might mow the lawn if it stays dry. Probably won’t. Is it too early for a beer? There’s one left in the fridge.

Morning pervo, 29.
I’m going to read my book in the sun, paddleboard in the sea, maybe do a casual cycle, then a few cheeky glasses of cheeky greek booze.

Need to get up. Really don’t want to.

Hello pervo. Quite tempted not to get out of bed today tbh tbf

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Morning pervert. I was up at 4:30 too but read and managed to get back to sleep thankfully.
Plans? Not sure yet. I’ve got a day off before starting nights so should do something really. Bit of IT? Bit of library, bit of hair cut? Not sure.
Hope you have good gerbilly times.

Morning pervo etc

Still amused that as I teach PE today I get to wear trainers and sports kit just for half hour of blowing a whistle and telling kids not to lark about.


good morning everyone

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Morning all. I really need a take a piss but my bed is so cosy.

Ended up going to Asda at half eleven because Wor Lass has somehow managed to volunteer to entertain and feed two visiting family members all day today.

Not expecting a lovely day due to tiredness and the aforementioned family adding up to serious CBA.

Morning @TheBarbieMovie2023 @anon67149139 @Twinkletoes @Songs_about_ducking @plasticniki @stupidsexyflanders @AcceptanceIII @Slicky @cowcow @Kallgeese and etc

I’m WingFH today again. Got to go to a meeting in a prison today - first time for everything. Not a huge amount else to report as yet!


and a special good morning to @keith because THE POWERS THAT BE in their IVORY TOWERS say that I can only say hi to 10 people at a time.

Thanks for taking the time to @ me.

Morning all. Feel like a transition has been made to beds being really cosy and warm again, which means bad things for my ability to get out of bed.


Morning c_c_b!

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I’m detecting a theme. It must be because it’s starting to feel slightly dark in the mornings.

Good morning @everyone. Got the day off haven’t I. Gonna go out for breakfast (pancakes and fried chicken) then take it easy all day. Might update my CV or might watch all 3 takens. Apparently Liam Needing is done with action films.

Liam Needing A Rest From All Those Action Films?

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I am standing in line waiting for my conference pass for a 3 day tech/music/futurism festival in Nobel’s old warehouse complex

Lots of techbros and futurist femmes

Should be fun

I need to proof read don’t I. There is at least one typo/auto correct stitch up in every post I make.

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