Thursday thread

Was aiming to get into work for 8

Current location: bed


don’t think you’re going to make it tbh

So glad I’m working from home today. So glad.

Great start

They couldn’t find my pass so they wrote one out by hand. Looking forward to every security guard for the next 3 days looking at me strangely/ asking me why I’ve got a handwritten pass

Also at this thing there are mission Cards you get given

Can see this going swimmingly

Just take me to the VR 360 3D music production zone already

That card is hella creepy.


Still in bed… 9 is gonna be a struggle.

In context though - Swedes in general have no clue whatsoever about personal space but also never talk to strangers or make eye contact

Also, it’s sponsored/part of an initiative that is run by a podcast about social experimentation & breaking norms that challenges listeners to change their everyday behavior & talk about the results for their podcast

Ffs this time limit on the edits is too short

Are you on a hen weekend?

Are you not worried that somebody else has your pass and is going to try to take over the world with all of that technology?

Seems like it

Keynote speech about to start from the best man here

:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :vulcan_salute:

Yes & no

Hmm. I still think the card idea is weird though. Maybe it’s just me but I hate forced things like that.

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Got a work away day today :roll_eyes: but they’re taking us to the Peasant in Clerkenwell and paying for a 3 course lunch so fair play.

Having my morning cup of tea and mentally preparing for how bad my Social Welfare meeting is going to be at eleven o’clock. Fucking hate these things.

Got a gig tonight. Playing with two different bands, WORM and MueseuM. It’s the first ever WORM gig after we launched our album back in March so I’m pretty nervous. The other bands are crashing here but I hope that doesn’t devolve into a party.

I’ve been invited to an all-day training course called “The Art Of Being Brilliant”. It’s going to be one of those things that I’ll dread for the month leading up to it, but will actually turn out to be alright in the end.

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I’m having a self imposed sick day cause I feel so run down, tired and have a huge mouth ulcer.
I’m going to watch a lot of tv.

I read that paragraph and all I could think of was Sticky Vicky. *

*please nobody Google her if you’re at work and don’t know who she is

Tbf - most gen weekends don’t start with a slam poetry performance, a laser light contemporary dance performance & a 15 minute yogic meditation

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