Thursday thread


I’m writing this with one eye open, I haven’t quite worked up the courage to open the other eye, I’m pretty sure it’s glued shut.

Oo, there we go… I did it. Morning!! How are you? What you up to?

It’s Friday tomorrow.


Is it just me or is this week going really quickly? Yesterday I thought it was still Tuesday.



Pretty rough, got a stomachache, got so much to do today ahhh.

But Nick Cave this eve, if I can stay awake that long.


Morning. Just ate some rice krispies, about to start my 2.5 hour commute. Nowt else happening today, DiSmeat tomorrow!


:confused: are you seeing nick cave in Glasgow? Because wasn’t it last night?




:scream: Ah shit, Sorry :frowning:


It’s my hump day today. working on sat


Yeah he’s in Nottingham tonight I think


Ha it’s not your fault. It was probably rubbish anyway, right?


Yes. I keep on calling him nick cage. That’s reason enough to not have gone.




I’m shattered.


Hiya ccb :wave:

was about to ask you what t stood for. I slowly and very eventually got there.


I cant believe you made unlucky miss nick cave!!


Whaddup, DiS?
Having a hotel breakfast with some unexpected soundtracking. Hotel is playing Sharon van Etten, and a ~70 lady just got a phone call, triggering a Nokia 3310-esque ringtone of Despacito :grinning:
Train to Paris today.



And I was just sorry for him. “Im sorry to hear you missed nick cage last night” :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello. My manager is being a riiiight cow to me now I’ve resigned. Making the last few days pretty painful.

Got the painting bug again and am getting a good 3 hours a night done which is unprecedented.

Total ward released tomorrow which is exciting waaaay more than it should - even if I end up jobless, that’ll be a sweet thing to play this.

Was going to go to nick cave but bit of a trek. Still had to lend my brother some money so him and his wife can have a few drinks cos he’s lost his bank card. Guess how much he asked for (he’s picking up his new card tomorrow so isn’t for any other reason):

  • £25
  • £50
  • £75
  • £100
  • £125
  • £150
  • £175
  • £200

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I’d pay good money* to see Nic Cage method-act his way through covering a load of Nick Cage songs

* maybe £15-20


Doesn’t seem to be working but I’m going to guess your bro wants 200 freshly golden squids.

Im delighted for you that you’ve finally quit your hellhole of a job by the way.