Thursday thread

Just got wifi and a whole load of free time! What a life

Judging by how busy the beach is today, I’ve determined that literally nobody in France has a job.

nah only when I hit the ugly tree on the way down right? :wink:

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And stout is traditionally GF?

This reminds me. @xylo - where’s that thread you promised me where we just name films and eric disses them, then casseroles comes in and turns them all into Bourne spin offs?

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think maybe I’ve done another album


is it a size smaller than you’d usually buy? I can’t get my head round their sizes

It’s actually slightly larger - when I bought it, my arm was in a sling so I wanted something where I could tuck my arm in. It’s properly Dadcore but it’s functional enough :slight_smile:

yeah, I guess that’s what I meant. I bought a medium jacket and it’s rather large. couldn’t be bothered with returning it though and as you say, it’s functional. I’ve had similar issues with their shorts being too big given the lack of tassels


Spent the morning pretending to be a squirrel at a toddler movement group. Should be updating my website now she’s napping but I’m eating Kinder Egg(s) instead.

Might do a bit of Spanish so I feel productive (inspired by the language thread and the realisation I have 2 Spanish neighbours to practice with as of next week)

Seems like my neighbour’s son, who people tried to get an ASBO on when he used to live here, has moved back in. Sure is loud.

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did you wear a squirrel costume?

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No, it was more interpretive than that. I did drag Jnr around on a giant sheet for ages, which she liked, but not sure what kind of squirrel behaviour that was meant to be.


Just heard an iceburn in my office, someone was returning some pocket scissors and said “do you want your children’s scissors back?”


Successful day so far, have eaten loads of food, Frank’s loads of wine and managed to charter a boat for tomorrow. Tally ho

Frank is gonna be pissed off


I really enjoy Lo-Pan’s predictive text typos.


hanging out with students in their early-mid 20s who go to probably the most expensive film school in the country and are complaining about how hard it is to get onto the property ladder


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You might remember that I spent a good few minutes trying to find my bike in a 3000-space bike park. This person has found an ingenious way of avoiding having the same problem.