Thursday thread

Morning :sun_with_face:

Banana Mouse has struck again. How is this mouse not a rat yet, it eats so well!!!

When I was little I left a sealed bag of dried pasta in my bedroom whilst I was away for a week, came back and the bag was completely empty with a tiny hole in the corner. That’s MAD! A whole bag of dried pasta?? I like to think they all swelled up after consuming such vast quantities of bow ties. But then again I’m probably being a bit quick to jump to the conclusion they ate it all, maybe they had a black tie event to go to :blush:

How’s everyone doing? Happy Birthday DiS!! :balloon:


Morning Witches et Al

It’s a very pretty morning after some early showers. Tried to get a pic of Ely Cathedral from the train. Think I nailed it :joy:



Wow, that cathedral looks just like a tree!!!

More buildings should be built in trees. My Dad once promised my brother he would hollow out the inside of a tree for him to live in. As the years went by and my brother slowly realised this was a false promise he seemed genuinely gutted. I don’t blame him.

Is this your flat?

Nah but i just walked by it and it seemed v appropriate. Gonna get myself some kind of pod dickhead breakfast.

This sounds like a futuristic breakfast.

Or a terrible nu metal breakfast.

Off to Largs for a meeting soon.

Was first in the pub quiz with one round to go then threw it away. Walked home in the rain as penance (don’t think my flatmate was happy about that)

Going to see Simon Amstell tonight.

There’s a woods we go walking in sometimes, where someone has attached a load of doors to one of the trees, to make it look like The Magical Faraway Tree. The girls love it :slight_smile:

I did get an okayish picture in the end but it’s quite small

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Just a plain ol’ overpriced one unfortunately!

Eurgh. Dragging myself into work again when I could/should pull a sickie. Such a bloody,ruddy trooper


Did you enjoy your stag adventures?

unlike the tree!!!


Dropped my parents off at the airport in the early hours. Got a Maccas breakfast (still a lil hungry). Wine tasting later. Abs and legs hurting a lot after training yesterday.

So tired.
Had the most boring 45 min chat with my dad on the phone last night which set back our evening plans. He talked for 20 mins about some financial regulations at his work - totally zoned out - and didn’t ask about the holiday we recently went on. And seeing my mum for dinner tonight. I know you shouldn’t complain about family, but they’re exhausting.

Work can do one as well.

Thursday: Go to central London. Buy a new stylus from the DJ shop. Go to work. Go to pub. Go to another pub. And then to another pub. Maybe to another pub. Sleep.

I’m waiting in for someone to come and measure up for the kitchen and then I’ll head to work.

I’m secretly hoping they’ll be late, so I can head to work late. Although I might head to work late anyway.

20 mins early for work :roll_eyes:

:pray::four:e :four:

No-one is here so i’m sitting in a darkened hallway eating my pret misery breakfast.