Thursday thread

Morning all!

Shellac were awesome last night.

It’s cold in Glasgow but it has stopped pissing down for the moment. Heard Gordon Strachan on the news telling old joke about how if it isn’t raining here, it’s just about to rain.

Quite tired due to child sleep resistance. I’m not quite entering the doorcode for CBA like @ericthefourth but I think I’ll be phoning in my class later.


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Thank Christ I’m working from wfh today, can’t face the outside world today.

Might do some token work in the morning then fully skive in the afternoon.

Got my first KOM on Strava this morning. Wooo!


Also, saw @colon_closed_bracket. Woo!

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King of Mimbs?

With our green and orange technical jackets we looked like a couple of Tic Tacs

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it was too much and I’m far too old. Quite fun though. Bootiful city, absolutely bootiful

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Haha, tell me what you did!! You mentioned sombreros??

Morning DiS!

I have zero meetings today. This is basically unheard of. Means I should probably do some actual work, but I suspect I’ll just fritter the time away doing nothing of consequence.


i think you mean @lewis_tacos !!!

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Greetings from a surprisingly autumnal Honolulu!

Bits and pieces to be done this day and then a secondary school visit toevening.

Tired and grouchy despite the impromptu luau in carriage A of 1W05 (4 late at Bletchley).

What a fucking terrible start to the day.

Got rained on for just two minutes but was enough to get absolutely soaked through. Then a bloke nearly walked out in front of me, but then saw me so let me past. I must have had a grumpy face (not because he nearly walked into me, but because it was wet and miserable), so he told me to “cheer up love” so I told him to fuck off. Then a bit later on as I was just waiting in some traffic a lady wheeled her wheelie suitcase right into me so I scowled at her, and the cyclist behind he told me to “fucking get over it”. I didn’t even say anything to her. WTF is going on.

Then I got to work to find a ten missed calls from plasticmike who thought I’d died because we’d “lost” each other on the commute (he was slightly ahead and then I got stuck at some lights). Sake.

Still it’s my Friday today and also our fourteenth anniversary wow.


First day in this office today so I’m wearing a blazer and proper trousers to look like I’ve made an effort at least for the first few days. Haven’t had breakfast yet and the foreign keyboard layout is doing my head in.

Went to 3 sisters (maybe not the name) Voltaire (maybe not the name) Billy Binkys (maybe not the name). Did some sort of It’s a knockout style obstacle course after being out until 4am in a wet field somewhere outside Edinburgh and quad biking (crashed into a tree).
Then we went to pretty much all those places again dressed as Mexicans (i think that’s ok…like, ponchos, sombreros, basically cowboys…think that’s not a hate crime?). Then about 9hrs back to bournemouth. Never, ever again.

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Aw happy anniversary @plasticniki and @plasticmike ! Hope your day improves :slight_smile:


Happy anniversary!

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Oh! I presumed you were talking about the DiS anniversary! Durrr. Happy Anniversary!! :smiley: :heart:

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The builder left half an hour ago. I should head to work but I’m sat on the sofa with a cup of tea.

I’m not feeling that guilty as I’ve worked late a lot but I’d better get moving. Really CBA.

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