Thursday thread


I’m dead good at business :grinning::wink:


Still my favourite image on the internet.


Really enjoy the fact that when an audiobook ends on my itunes, ABBA instantly starts playing afterwards.

It’s particularly good when you’ve been listening to a very grim book … “VOOOULEZ-VOOOOOOUZ (AH HA)”


It’s very kind to say but there are dozens and dozens of really great, inspirational people on this website. You should definitely have a look round and see if you can find something where you can put your many skills to good use! Have you seen @DarwinBabe 's thread about recycling laptops for asylum seekers? It’s a superb idea; you could have a look and see if there are skills gaps you could help fill.


Really tired guys, gonna have a coffee.


yeah, that’s a great idea but sadly I have no skills that are useful in the real world really. Other than time, I guess I have a lot of that


Time is a hugely underrated thing to have for any project.


Good afternoon @aboynamedgoo if you’re around could you answer a Dutch question for me please? How do I write miss / ms in Dutch on a form? Google is giving me conflicting answers. Ta.


Totally ^this. And you have got loads of skills @bamnan - you write well, you’re creative and witty, for starters. Okay there probably aren’t loads of jobs that require proficiency in MS paint but you seem like the sort of person who could pick most things up and do a really good job.


Sacked off work Christmas lunch early “to give people a lift to the station” then immediately came home and went to bed.



regardless of marital status


Brill, you are officially more useful than google. Thanks.


:cat: - mevrouw


Is there a Dutch forum with a user called mevrouwington?


I’m marking exams for SQA next year! Whoop!


thanks man, sometimes it’s nice to be told these things when you’re feeling low so I really appreciate it!


Guys, I finally have hot chocolate :+1:

Green & Blacks stuff, not bad. Unfortunately couldn’t find the one @meowington recommended me.


i tried to make hot chocolate this morning and the milk turned to cheese as i was heating it :frowning:


:open_mouth: do you think it was bad milk, or something wrong in the process?


i’ve had no sense of smell for about a month, so it could well have been off. equally i might have had the heat up too high (could that have done it? i’m not sure!)