Thursday thread


I haven’t done it for ages so not sure if it’s changed, but I’m not sure there is a limit.

Obviously the bigger you make it, the more processor intensive it gets.


Also on this can people please fill out the form for volunterrs :slightly_smiling_face:


Youd be so helpful though!!! Please sign up please


is this a new form or the one that has been up for a while? i think i filled it in but i’m not 100% sure!


TBF, Horniman Walrus would also make a great name for a TV detective or summat.


Its the one linked to in the thread. Its a google form where you add your email, skills, access needs etc.

Its a far more secure and useful way of starting a volunteer database. It means we can get consent to contact people and store data, trace it and it also automatically generates a spreadsheet and analytics.

Peicing tigether various people saying thingsvin threads becomes impoasoble to manage.

i pmd everyone who has expressed interest and asked them tofill it out but most didnt.


sorry I haven’t felt up to it :frowning: I know it’s letting people down and definitely don’t feel good about it


Nobody is letting anyone down babe xxxx