Thursday thread



Commute was fine. Mild dread about the work Christmas lunch today but it’ll be fine. Our temp has changed their whole working hours around so they can be in for it, which is quite a length to go to for a rubbish free meal.

Fingers crossed we can go home afterwards.


left my backpack at work yesterday so means I am carrying a handbag today for the first time in what seems like forever. Can confirm I do not like.
This is also matched with wearing wired headphones cause I left my wireless ones on all night and now they have no battery :upside_down_face:

Ice skating later thoooo


Can everyone else see this? (Alright, @creakyknees)





Not sure if I’ve heard it called this before.


I hate handbags. I either have my backpack or nothing, I don’t even have a purse, just my bank card in my coat pocket normally. I didn’t/don’t even have a nappy bag - just shove a nappy in my backpack and wipes if I remember. Not sure what these peopl have with them who have a handbag (and also nappy bag for parents)

I am a very unorganised person for the record so I don’t advocate this method of luggage minimalism but it works for me (unless I change my coat and forget my bank card, which happens all the time)


Morning. Almost at the office, and my stomach bug has seemingly fucked off. Well chuffed.


Morning all.

Got up crazy early to take the gf to the train station. So tired. So much cba.

Also I signed up for a 10k despite being an overweight monster and only having reached week 5 of couch 2 5k. And it took me 11 months to do 5 weeks. I’ve got till August though so I’ll be fine, right?


Alright. 8/10 I reckon.

Work, then home. Flat to myself this evening, dunno what to cook :thinking:

It was fine. A bit hot cycling in winter gear tbqh.


Other than the spanner button, yeah.


Can’t believe I wasn’t invited!!!


Oh yeah, that’s a level 4 leader thing :wink:


I haven’t been invited to the corporate HQ Christmas party this year.

Fucking ecstatic, tbqfh.


Ah, they take it away when you reach Level 5



It was completely open invite! I’m not even a [librarians’ association] member and I got in…


Been awake since 4:30am for no reason - mind went into overdrive about things I shouldn’t worry myself about and now feel like shit. yay.

CBA - half day today at least. Commute was unremarkable.


It’s a good day. It’s Mrs Me’s birthday so woke up early to shower her with gifts and cook bacon and eggs w/ fresh juice and strong coffee.

Work today, which is a bit stressful at the moment, but who cares. I’ll see her this eve and that’ll sort it all.


Still not sleeping well


Instead of having a dinner with our extended team (not great, but tolerable) we’re having a giant get-together with the entire Wellington office, hundreds of people in a giant hall that will be all noisy and crowded and ugh. This is supposed to a reward for putting up with suboptimal conditions for the last year (temporary offices due to ours being closed due to the earthquake).

Shorter: I am jealous of you.


Wait till you hear this: the road between work and today’s lunch venue is currently closed, so lunch might be cancelled!!!