Thursday thread


Small team lunches are OK IMO, but if you’re not looking forward to it, then I am happy for you :slight_smile:


It’s definitely the lesser of all possible evils.


Cat owners - does your cat wake you up in the middle of the night at some point every fucking night?

Genuinely don’t know what to do about it.


Socks wakes up the gf most nights by just sort of standing on top of her for a bit for some reason. He tries it on me every now and again but I’m too heavy a sleeper to rouse.

Not sure what to recommend since, “be a heavier sleeper” probably isn’t an option.


morning troops

early night last night so feeling good. made a big fritatatatata at the start of the week to do me breakfast every day. on day 3 and already feel like I’ve had enough egg for this lifetime


Missed my train because I couldn’t find my season ticket, emptied out the rubbish in my bag into the bin to look for it, couldn’t find it and realised I must have binned it, so had to look through the bin, found it entangled in an evening standard. Had a bad feeling about taking the evening standard from the evening standard guy yesterday, like I knew it would lead to a bad timeline


Really windy up here. Love when its like that through the night, makes me sleep really soundly. Still feel tired though so telling myself I’m having an early one tonight… Netflix will beg to differ no doubt, thinking of starting this Mindhunter thing.

Really want the weekend to hurry up and come so I can rock out then drink loads of beers with my pals.




Ah! No, Tina screams at us to go out or if she is already out (been testing letting her sleep in the house all day and putting her out just before we go to bed) she’ll shout outside the flat, potentially waking up the neighbors. Bit of a nightmare. Summer is fine as we leave a window open and she can come and go as she pleases. Winter is not.


Morning. Off to see the Hotelier + Cloud Nothings tonight in Manchester and already dreading the train journey (got a spare ticket to the gig if anyone’s interested as my flaky pal now has other plans).


Some people have come and sat with me even though the train is empty, I’ve turned my headphones up to a level I find painful in the hopes of driving them away


mornin team,

The cribs were excellent again last night, almost an entirely different set from the monday night. Such a fun live band.
Got a few things to sort today as tomorrow i am in edinburgh all day for a ‘snr management meeting’…drinks! :slight_smile:


Oh good, I’m already hungry.


That’s awkward. Is a cat flap not feasible for you?


oh i see what you mean now

it’s at the bottom of the thread not just the reply box


It’s just one of those really unpractical fashion things? Like it’s not comfortable to hold a handbag in one hand or on one arm, it’s always a stupid shape. The only hand bag i’ll go for is a cross body bag so I don’t have to hold it and it’s small.

Yeah I never really got why baby people need SO much stuff all the time. Is most of it for emergency purposes?


No complaints about setlist on Monday but I see they got The Wrong Way To Be on Tuesday. Gutted.


No, our landlady doesn’t even know we have a cat


yay someone bought Bam’s albums today, assuming it must have been one of you all so thanks very much you have made my day x


Put make up on and straightened my hair this morning as I have important visitors coming - weather this morning plus cycle in got me looking like