Thursday thread


They played a track from their first demo last night that I hadn’t heard before.
Also you’re gonna lose us and be safe :+1:


be safe! :hearts:


About ready to smash in the shop nearby. It’s security alarm went off 8 times from 4 in the fucking morning. :unamused:


Alarms shouldn’t legally be allowed to make noise after 30 minutes. If you haven’t been alerted within that time surely it’s too late.


Sounds like somebody already did :grinning:


Shop/car alarms are a much bigger nuisance to society than theft in my opinion


weather is pants

hi everyone

my f’ing diary at work has fallen out AGAIN. i’m being paid to sit around and get gassy while eating celebrations and listening to Miguel


Just worked out my work travel for January - it’s currently going to be:

Glasgow > Oxford > Plymouth > Ox > Southampton > Ox > Antwerp > Ox > Glasgow > Ox > Manchester > Glasgow > Newcastle > Edinburgh > Ox > London

3000 driving miles - probably a bit much for 1 month?




What should I do? Should I ring them and complain, go over and complain or ring the security company and complain?


what’s your job, laefs?






I don’t think cocaine would be a good idea when I’m driving that much


I visit hospitals for stuff


close your bedroom door?

my cats bother me in the night if I leave the door open, but don’t if I don’t

they don’t meow though. Maybe yours does


I’m stilll ILLL!!!

so fed up of it now

I’ve come into the office partly as I have meetings and things I can’t avoid (it’s one of my direct report’s last days today and I had to bring in a card and gift). Also I was going stir crazy in my flat


Yeah mine is a part-time bengal, full-time maniac


You have my sympathies - I’m on about day 14 of this cold. Though it does seem to be finally subsiding!


omg I’ve just been given a promotion!