Thursday thread


Wahey! Congratulations chief!


jfc LA is insane rn


thanks m9 (and all the other likers)

silver lining of my awesome colleague leaving i guess (i’ve been given his job, we thought i’d have to “apply” for it but just now my boss said fuck it, why the hell would we bother :smiley: )


cheers dude

so ruddy bloody brave


please tell me your title is now “Library Cop”



I wish.


well done!


who else is happy today?

let’s spread positive joy throughout this community :slight_smile: x


I’m pretty happy, yeah :slight_smile:


My landlady visited the house today. Apparently she gave approval for all of the things we’ve complained about to be sorted and the lettings agent just hasn’t done them.

Lettings agents in being utterly useless cunts shocker.


Has she got many other properties? Asking for a friend


I don’t know for sure but I don’t think so, seems like our house was bought* while she studied/worked here years ago.

*for about 25% of its current value


Argh, I think I’ve really hurt my back. Whenever I move a certain way I get shooting pains and I have pins and needles down my left leg and arms- maybe a trapped nerve? Slipped disc?

I’m stuck at work but really need to try to get to a doctors :frowning:


Yoooo I have a friend who is looking to do a library masters, you happy to answer a couple of questions if he has them? They were very unsure about the whole thing


great stuff, what’s good in your life right now CCB?




niceeeeeeeeeeee. ANYWAY hope you’re good, any DiS drinks coming up?


christmas ones on the 16th somewhere central i do believe?


Lots of things: children are happy; Mrs CCB is doing well; my wellbeing is on the up. It’s been a pretty tough year but it’s ending pretty well.


ah so glad to hear it! You’ve done lots of nice things for folks too right? Didn’t you say you helped out at a homeless shelter or something? Plenty to be proud of I’m sure.