Thursday thread


Ah no, I work in that field but I’ve not done night shelter work. I do some bits and pieces for the local foodbank and so that’s been fun (though I feel like I’ve talked about it a bit too much on here)


you absolutely haven’t!


Are you Deputy or Assistant Head Milk Monitor now?


Well, that’s reassuring :slight_smile:


^this @colon_closed_bracket


Okay, well if I start sounding like Bono then just gently tell me to stop :smiley:

We’ve raised over £2,500 through that big supper week so far (with a couple more events to happen in the new year) so it’s been a success :slight_smile:


wtf, that’s amazing! :star_struck:


sounds like a nerve thing nb: i am not a doctor

i fucked my neck yesterday and couldn’t tilt my head to one side. was a bit stiff this morning (wahey etc) but seems alright now


I know, I’m really pleased :slight_smile: I’ve had quite a few emails / conversations with people who I didn’t know were putting on events, and they’ve raised £60 here, £100 there… it’s all adding up.


mate, you’re one of the goodest good eggs and can be justifiably proud of yourself. it’s always lovely to hear about people making a positive contribution to the world! :slight_smile:


dr japes does have a nice ring to it, though!


They gave me a meat wrap by mistake so i got a voucher for a free meal side and drink.

Makes up for almost being sick i guess.


kinda attracted to him in a weird way




that looks slower than just pouring it

i watched this guy eating a lot of greggs yesterday


Works Xmas do tonight. There is an air of excitement about the place. Free drinks! Woo! Last year it was at the Connaught Rooms on Great Queen Street, Covent Garden. This year it’s at Fabric.

Our lot, the design department, are leaving work at 4pm on the dot and going straight to the nearest pub, and then we’ll go to another pub, in the direction of Fabric.

Eventually we’ll end up at Fabric after I don’t know how many pubs. We’ll drink as much free booze as we can get and then continue the pub crawl until enough people have dropped out or the pubs close.


The internet was a terrible idea.


Worried i might get sacked :frowning:


Ah no, why?


the vid where this guy eats an entire bag of those bowel-destroying sugar free haribos is something else