Thursday thread


over the other night or something else? :confused:

they’d be mad to, surely?


Yeah im really worried i was rude to my boss when i was drunk. He laughed it off but i am worried… also not meeting my targets this week.


i love him


Ah I’m sure you’d know about it by now if he was offended by anything you said. And re: targets: you’ve not been in the role long and so there should be a reasonable expectation that you’ll not be up to speed immediately. I’m sure you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Just had one of horse cups of tea that is just incredible and you want another before it’s even finished (but the next one is never good).


Horse cups of tea. Fucking massive cups of tea for the best horse of all time.


Ten cubes of sugar, not too much milk


Milk two sugars please


Thats disgusting :joy:

He is kind of dreamy though







Just remembered I get to see my cat Eddie tonight and my parents’ doggo :heart_eyes:


Who is saying bang?


Meine schwester, she has trained that dog so well.


I was going to ask if it was you but then I thought the voice was on the cusp of either being female or male. Too little said to really tell :smiley: Glad I asked now.


I have a much gruffer northern accent but my russian friend told me recently that my accent had softened :disappointed_relieved: Damn you, the south!


Yeah i think im generally doing ok but have let one of my projects slip a bit. Gonna throw everything at it this afternoon.


Feeling absolutely shite, gonna just finish this work and then crawl into bed for the rest of time


I get this all the time. I answered the phone once to one of my Mum’s relatives and when I passed him over to her he exclaimed “OOoo Witches sounds very posh” Met a northerner in the pub in Ed once and he accused me of sounding like I was from Edinburgh. How dare he.


what shall i have as a celebratory dinner guys?

(please bear in mind i had pie and mash for lunch)