Thursday thread


:grinning: we could really do with a Vocaroo thread for new DiS. Maybe you nominate a DiSer and give them a line of dialogue to read out?


Haha, YES!!!

Loads of people are too shy tho, aren’t they?


I’d be game but I’d have to wait and record it when I’m out of the office.


Always the office excuse…


Favour please -

Someone mention something cool you’d find in a museum or something you’ve seen that you liked. Make it specific please, not just “Taxidermy”


Horniman Walrus



Amazing. Where is this??


London’s best small museum imho


Aaaaah, the clue was in the name. Nice :smiley: haha, just call me columbo.


English parents have ruined my chances of a proper Scottish accent forever.


Haha, where art thou parents from?


Mum from Kent and Dad from Yorkshire, but then he gone and went private and then Cambridge didn’t he? Then add that to an East Lothian upbringing …


Also lol we’ve been given notice to leave our flat at the end of January. No way im paying my rent next month to our criminal landlord. Sick of having deposits stolen.

Theres also a chance we will be evicted before then anyway cause it’s an illegal sublet.


At our staff awards and one of the guys is performing a self written song. It’s really well produced R&B song but he’s so goddamn flat. Get someone to sing your songs for you, pal :slightly_frowning_face:

Another one now, really hope she can sing


She’s well good, thank god


I’ve just realised I started a live chat with EDF Energy a couple of hours and must have closed the chat window by accident. I might go back on and apologise for ghosting them




Go out somewhere nice with @plasticmike?


he’s out unforch


Big old takeaway then (would probably go for an Indian myself), and a beer or two :slight_smile: congrats!