Thursday thread


couple of bao buns


Given up on work for the day, got time to kill tomorrow morning on the train to that London so I’ll do it then and play vidya until gig time instead


You’ve ruined that person’s day.



In an absolutely dead pub, really really need to do a big fart. Can’t go to the loo because I can’t leave the dog. Fuck fuck fuck


Blame the fart on the dog (sorry Honey)


I considered that, but I think when it comes it’ll be like the foghorn of the Titanic


Hey @Witches or other edinburgh based Dissers, have you been to brewhemia before?


Nope, never heard of it. Sorry!!


Just chilling out in my sitting room. Listening to records and reading the papers. Hopefully heading to a mate’s house at six to mix our new EP. Will spend the evening listening to more records after that.


Does anyone know what the canvas/image size limit is when making a brush on photoshop? Am I being stooopid?



think it’s new enough isn’t it? heard some folk in work raving about it, haven’t been myself


You are Queen Pide - there is no need for poll.


In hindsight, I think the tree might be TOO big


Absolutely love the bloated walrus


i’m there tomorrow for ‘business’ lunch and beers :+1:


strong, but i had one on Sunday :confused:

(probably be pizzer won’t it)



Looks about right to me.


yeah, CCB is a huge inspiration really, I should get off my arse and find a way to help people too