Thursday thread

How’s it going?

I’m WFH this morning for a call with a lady in Asia in a min. Then going into work.

Off to Lisbon tomorrow. Any recommendations?
I wish I was more excited but been dealing with a lot of stress lately so it should feel like I’m ready to relax but I’m a tightly wound coil that has already had a mini snap this morning. Hmm.

Bonus Q: What shoes you got on?

Morning Meo

Have a great trip. No tips I’m afraid but I’m hoping to get to Lisbon myself this year or next so I’ll probably ask you for some.

Trying to sort out somewhere to stay this weekend as I’ve got to be out of my flat, not going well so far.

My da just got a new phone and he keeps sending me WhatsApp messages cos he’s tickled by the emojis. Example:

Morning pal hope you are OK :fu: we are fine. Keep an eye out for them 50p coin there are Beatrix Potter 50p coins and apparently they will be worth few Bob in years to come. dad :thinking:


sorry pal didn’t mean to send :fu: meant to send :+1: remember 50p coins. Dad



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Morning! On strike today & kids are on half term so going to have a bath, go out for a big walk, then get fish and chips for lunch :bath: :walking_man: :fish: :fries:


Morning Meo, Scout, blueturtle, imioplex.

I’m in bed, still sick. Going to take another day off and get myself fixed up.

No Lisbon recommendations unfortunately, all I did while I was there was drink in the train station.

I have no shoes on as I am in bed!

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Go and eat some custard tarts at Belem.

I’m currently drying my hair with the worlds slowest hairdryer. Then going downstairs for what will hopefully be a great buffet breakfast. Got some work to do then four days holiday.


I work with a Portuguese guys who brought some of these back last time he went home. They were :100:


Would have got a lovely strike day today if it wasnt for this stupid secondment.

Hiya :wave:

Im also WFH so got the Olympics on the telly.
Im off to Lisbon in May so will be asking you (and taking note of todays forthcoming tips). hope you have fun. how warm is it over there at the minute?
I am barefoot.


Currently wearing my Star Wars slippers.


Morning kallgeese, may I recommend some heinz tomato soup for comfort food

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Well, one of my pairs of Star Wars slippers.

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I’m hungover! Oh no!

I’m having a “Vegan Weekend Off” so I will definitely be eating a lot of custard tarts.


It’s saying about 15 degrees and sunshine! I was looking on instagram and people are in just t-shirts! Belter.

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This is a very good shout. Will get my housemate to pick some up.

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Morning! On the bus into the office.
Wearing my timberland boots (and timberland coat and glasses for that matter).

WFH from home
Currently no shoes, but I need to buy milk at some point this morning

Huel low can you go?