Thursday thread

Breakfast room is playing a jazz version of Creep. :grinning:


Hi meo, sounds like you’re a bit dialled up so I’ve got my finger’s crossed you’ll dial yourself down(?) before Lisbon and go to town on a load of pastel de nata.

Nowt much going on today. Wife-o is a bit under the weather about some stuff so chances are pretty slim that I’ll be coming to DiS drinks tonight.

I’m going to treat myself to an ozone oat chai latte on the way in to dial down

Hope your wife feels better soon! Just remind her she’s a total kween.

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The chai latte essential dials down the meo.

Thank you! I certainly will :slightly_smiling_face:

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Morning. Been to Porto, but not Lisbon. Another vote for custard tarts. White port is lovely and Super Bock was our lager of choice. But I was over there for football so it wasn’t my most cultural holiday, tbf.
Hoping to make the LME drinks later on my way to Four Tet unless I start coming down with the cold I think my colleague has given me.
I’ve managed to match my shoes and bag today, which is unusually co-ordinated for me.

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Huel™ chat: the new (v2.3, URGH) Vanilla flavour is DISGUSTEN

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I’ve been having a lot of Huel chat cause someone in the office is using it to “bulk up”.

One guy reckons the vanilla one tastes SO NICE just like a vanilla milkshake. He’s saying I should just try it one day cause it’s so delicious.

No thank you.

The old vanilla flavour was alright. The new one has a different sweetener and has a weird synthetic toffee flavour aftertaste. Don’t like it.

How do you feel about this as well…

The guy using the Huel is also using some other protein powder. He stores some of it above the fridge in the kitchen and some of it on top of a cupboard in the office. He’s got about 4 huge bags of the stuff (one bag is must be at least 5kg?).

He must be a bomping machine.

hi meowington and etc

yesterday i almost started a thread about getting unusual coins in your change but i dunno how much uptake there’d be.

i currently have a 1992 isle of man 20p in my poaket. the tails end has a picture of a combine harvester


serious mega levels of cba
not really much work to do tbqh but cba asking for more either

One of these slags?

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Why are these on eBay for £800 and also £1.50?

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Busy day today by my standards. Leaving R with my mum and going to see my granddad in his new nursing home he hasn’t been doing so well so I am slightly scared this might be the last time I see him. Then staying up that London for lunch with my dad, home briefly, then I have to schlep the cupcakes I made yesterday up a hill to my reading group, also need to fit in some more reading for that too). Ideally I will fit in some Winter Olympics some time soon.

I will post a shoe picture when I have put some on.

i heard (from my da, natch) that there are also a few 2012 Olympic 50p coins that are in circulation and some of them fetch a decentish price. had a look and ebay seems to agree:

individual coins can fetch 2 or 3 quid if they’re rare enough I’m told. I have a few Olympic ones and two peter rabbit ones.

thems the one. have got some with peter rabbit on too.

Tried to keep one of those Isaac Newton 50ps safe and have of course lost it

I checked with my coin guy (I have a coin guy) and he said £1.50 is pushing it.

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Very nearly spent this one on some Reese’s peanut butter cups yesterday, and I’d have been fine with that decision.