Thursday thread

Okay this snow shit is getting boring now.

I’m going for breakfast with a friend. Wbu huns?


Managed 2 hours sleep due to a child with a fever. Got an hour on the couch. Now deciding if she should go to school.

Feel like a hardened survivalist for having driven through that (I also get this feeling from the fact that I keep a torch in my car like what a video game protagonist would do).

Caught my reflection as I got out the car. With all the bitter wind and my coat fully zipped up, I looked like Andrei Tarkovsky for a minute there

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Another snow day. May have to try to venture out for some supplies at some point though. Also meant to be seeing Django Django later but can see this becoming a safety bone of contention with my tv.

Morning pniks, I’m trying to convince the TV to WFH because 1) no one else will be in his office, 2) if his trains are even running properly this morning they might not be later on and 3) we can go out for lunch if he stays.

Yessssss his train’s been cancelled


Alright DiS.

Midwifey appointment this morning. TV has a full snow day now. Trying to decide if I’m going to drive across Hampshire to work afterwards or not.

Meant to be flying to Scotland tonight, aren’t I :rofl: :zipper_mouth_face: :sunglasses:

Also I proper cartoon-character style did a skidding-backwards-fall in the snow last night, and my left leg hurts something bad. Gonna just shuffle along like a penguin.

On my way to London for a meeting that our client has just cancelled :+1: Will be good to spend some time in the office in any case.

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Morning niks, morning everybody. Been to the gym this morning and now working my way through a bacon bap. So far, today is a win.

Another shit nights sleep

Supposed to be going to this too but worried the trains from Edinburgh will be cancelled again. Kinda hoping they reschedule it tbh

Forecast for the evening is horrific.

In school, bit concerned about getting home as is pretty rural. Still book day innit, here’s me as Varjak Paw


Still in bed.

Do need to get up though. Ugh.

Heavy snow was forecast here overnight, so I’d been looking forward to the alarm going off, looking out the window and turning over and going back to sleep. No such luck. It’s started now of course, so I’ll no doubt get to work then be sent home in a couple of hours when the trains have all stopped :roll_eyes:

14 (FOURTEEN) inches (INCHES) of snow (SNOW) here!!!



Still really enjoying the snow. Had a nice walk through it last night on the way to the pub quiz (4th place). On way to work which I’m hoping will be empty as loads of people commute in to London. Tv’s school has a snow day which I’m v jealous of.

hi plasticniki and etc

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Nap on the train and cold weather doing a right number on my achy jaw now