Thursday Thread


Whats poppin’?

Can’t sleep - have to get up at 8 to go to the council to get some forms stamped so probably won’t sleep now. also working this afternoon/evening, so no world cup for me :frowning:


Awake at 6 am on my day off when I overslept yesterday, when I was at work. What even are brains?

Getting a tattoo later. :slight_smile:


What you getting?


a ghost the guitarist from screaming females drew for me


Didn’t sleep much and a lot of work on today. but WORLD CUP!




Think I’m coming down with something mate



Meeting in duisburg this morning. Woo.


Morning all!

It’s Healthy Working Day today so I’ll be playing in a football tournament at 2.00. This technically means I’m a professional footballer. I might watch some other, lower quality, tournament later.


Hang on, it’s only Thursday? Mrs W has gone away for a long weekend. It seems to have prompted my brain to think that it’s Friday.

Home alone with two kids, a dog and a cat until Monday night. Send help.


Hope you’ve taken your Rhinitis medicine?!

This is funny because it combines hayfever with the fact that Duisburg is at the junction of the river Rhine.


I can do thoughts and prayers if that helps.


Every little helps!


Morning, yeah?

Today I am suffering from hayfever.

But inbetween that I will be interviewing someone in Hong Kong via Skype, which is always a bit weird; Doing endless calculations on a spreadsheet that I’m worried has started to make no real sense; and most excitingly posting out pre-orders of the DiS record label’s first proper release!



Taking a call from home this morning, so badly want to wfh (i.e. nap all day) but I really should go in. Praying that my deadline tomorrow gets postponed so I can wfh tomorrow instead.


Another hayfever sufferer and I have an important meeting where I’ll probably just sneeze on everyone :sneezing_face:


Good Morning :wave:

I know not of this World Cup you speak of.




If they don’t suffer from it themselves then they deserve to be sneezed on IMO. Share the love.


Morning all

I have a toilet again everyone! - Still have to fill the bucket of shame (as the kids and I have taken to calling it) in the kitchen to flush it though

No builders today so I could go into the office, but I don’t think many people will be there so I’m going to stay here and WFH

It’s going to rain really hard here in a bit apparently - it’s very grey and depressing.

Have a cracking day everyone and enjoy your football if that’s your thing