Thursday Thread


First day of 2 weeks leave and my Dad rings me at 7.45…


What did he want?

I’m taking advantage of the last few days of my boss being on holiday to work from wfh, then I’m driving to Biiiiiiiiiirmingham to penoid at a national level.


Today is my Friday as am aff on holiday the morrow.
Got a fuck tonne to do before I finish up.


Slept funny and have a weird pain in my shoulder/neck


Haven’t decided yet if I’m going to go into the office or WFH, need to establish if anyone else is going to be there so I’m not wasting my time

I’ve also got holiday prep stuff to do, and I’m hungover. Think the single cigarette I had is making me feel worst


I answered just as he was putting down and when I rang him back he didn’t answer so I rang the house phone and my mum didn’t know and he was in the bathroom.

Probably to know how my house buying is going.



What excuse do I give the admins for my wfh day?

  • House stuff
  • Doctor’s appointment
  • “Feel a bit under the weather”
  • Catastrophic diarrhea
  • cba, tbqfh
  • Dodging rush hour traffic to go penoiding
  • Ants. Just… Ants.

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R has… stomach issues. All plans are off, just going to stay at home and constantly offer him water and hope that he will eat something. Might see if he will watch a film.

Really wanted to go and get my glasses adjusted as they are too tight, will have to wait.



He just rang back ‘When do you complete?’

‘Err I don’t know… I move in in 2 weeks’


Catastrophic diarrhoea is the excuse that comes with least expectation to do much work. Probably.


I have a lengthy call this afternoon so I need to at least shoogle the mouse every five minutes or so to look like I’m doing something.

I’ve had to do a call when I had actual catastrophic diarrhea from Germans sneaking cheese into my food, and I’ve always wondered if everyone knew I was on the toilet from how echoey I must have sounded


Dreamt last night that my sister was 11 weeks pregnant. Feels weird to have immediately loved something becoming human in someone else’s body.

Today I have a learning seminar all morning and nut roast with homemade plum jam to look forward to for lunch.


Cba. Got stuff to do as well. Kinda want to get it done so I can just go home after lunch (said that every day this week and only managed it on Monday). Just feel down, think it’s the weather tbh, it’s getting dark again.


Morning all.

Nearly forgot but took a couple of photos of my surprise Gonzo before bed:

Think he’s gonna live in the music room. I’m sure when Jim Henson created him he thought to himself, “boy, I sure hope one of these ends up spending its days watching a fat bald guy from the North of England drink budget cider and listen to terrible doom metal records. That’s the dream.”

Hope you’re all well.


Dentist is running late. Way to ratchet up the tension/boredom


Going bowling. That’s it for today



Doing my first commute from new flat, seems to be quite smooth, relies on an interchange at Woking with a three minute window which might be a problem. bonus if I miss my train there’s an alternate route 4 minutes later, this buffer is perfect for me. Sizing up my new co-commuters, seem like gboc