Thursday: Thread

Morning all, hope you’re well.

We’re off on a holiday tomorrow and I’m looking forward to getting out of the home / office and switching off my device. Genuinely addicted. Need something to break it up.

How are we all today?


Not too bad. A bit chilly here and I have to take the washing in in a moment.

School holidays next week but we’ve nothing planned really. Feels so pointless when you think about going somewhere and then you get another outbreak and everything is locked down again.

Where are you off to?

Awight Sheeldz!

Starting a 4-day weekend today which is well-timed as I’m pretty over-cooked at work. I’ve spent much of this week in various states of anger and frustration with colleagues - in one of those moods where everything that everyone does drives me mad.

Might work on the garden today, play some guitar. I’m also chronically addicted to my phone I think so need to break that up a bit.

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Today is my Friday

Except I’ve pretty much wrapped everything up for the summer already so I’m gonna spend the day in the studio I reckon


Feel hungover this morning, which can only be down to eating a big bag of crisps for the first time in ages. So weird that the flavouring does this to me!

Got to perk up soon as got an interview with a journalist who I know to be a bit economical with the truth and I don’t want her twisting anything I say.

First proper shift at the food bank later, feeling nervous


Saltiness gets me like this often. When we get local Thai stuff (because F is a big fan) my wife and I frequently forget to really go overboard with the water and wake up feeling headachy and crap from dehydration. I really don’t know why some stuff can be so salty/dehydrating but not make you feel thirsty enough.

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Morning all!

For some reason I’ve been awake since early again but I’m currently watching the Peanuts film with The Child so not a completely wasted experience.

Today should be my last proper working day until August. I have some final loose ends to tie up for year and doing some Zoom calls for people who are leaving.

We’ve got some gardeners coming to start installing decking in our back garden. If it was really Thursday, someone would cleverly construct a joke about the relative size/ satisfactory nature of my decking but we all know that won’t happen.

I might make a curry tonight because I’m a bit bored of European food. Alternatively, I might do a sweet potato hash.

Morning everyone, impromptu day off work today with Mrs Station, no kids no dogs so we’re off on a road trip, featuring poking around a few antiques shops (her bag), a nice lunch somewhere, a walk on the beach and a look at the Long Nanny tern colony, see if we can see the Black Tern and the Little Terns (my bag).

Going to try my level best to ignore my work email all day. Might even squeeze in a run when we get home. Was illustrative that I woke up far less stressed this morning knowing I wasn’t working. Why can’t it always be like this!

Where you off to Sheeldz?!


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I won’t be here all day, as I’m off on holiday to jubilant Yorkshire.

But first, breakfast at Dishoom!


Morning all!

Got woken up early this morning when Mr s_w went for a shower and Samson decided to get on the bed in his absence…

But I couldn’t be annoyed as he’s so snuggly. Finishing up my cup of tea then about to go for a shower myself, then porridge and raspberries for breakfast.

Today is WFH, its a bit grey and windy out. Boo. Might go pub tonight. :thinking:



Mild hangover

Quiet day at work today - riding my bike is top priority

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Day two in isolation. The plan for today is … staying in.

Shame - it looks like a nice day to pop down to the beach or up on the downs. Ho hum.

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feel so tired. Not sure why as had usual amount off sleep. Cat followed wife and child to school so they then had to walk back and leave him with me.
Today is work but absolutely cba

Morning all. I stupidly wore a jumper today and it is muggy as fuck, so I’m going to be sweating all day. Off to the pub at lunch to meet friends though so at least that is something.

Just booked a relatively last minute (well 2 weeks time) jaunt to North Wales. Its costing me the same as some foreign holidays I’ve been on. State of it.

Morning all

Grey and rainy here at the moment. Had a really good sleep last night for the first time in a few days.

Might go out on the bike for a bit if it dries out but wouldn’t object to another day of vegetating around the house to be honest. Quite refreshing to have a day of doing nothing yesterday.

somehow ended up watching videos of people building terrariums

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I’ve always quite fancied one of them, but I reckon I’d mess it up and just end up with dead plants in a jar


Selkirk! Well, Ettrickbridge.

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