ThursDAY thread


How are you? How did you sleep? Plans for today?

I’m up early because the other smoke alarm went off at 7am. No idea what’s going on. I’ve got a delivery coming today too so thought I might as well just stay out of bed.

My plans include a walk through the woods and then a pub quiz this evening.

morning she’s so high!

alarm was off at the usual 4.55am, and starting working at 5.05am. it feels strange to have managed to crack in 3 hours before making the kids breakfast, but it’s such a good pattern of work. i’m lucky to be able to do it.

been listening to Walkmen all “day” so far, and waiting on an important email to come through. one of those ones that you’re not sure if it will, but you will obsessively check the email account for it.

this morning i need to pop out and pick up school clothes from a few shops we’ve ordered in for both kids (christ) and then pick up my daughter’s first proper bike from decathlon. hope it’ll fit into the back of the car!

coffee top up incoming, thank goodness.

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haha, yeah i guess it’s early but i’ve shifted my work pattern forward three hours, so i can finish at 2pm rather than ~5pm, and get a lot more time in the afternoon with the kids.

work allows it, too. just need to be working a minimum of 5 hours between 9am and 4pm to match up with the hours


Got a tour this morning but mostly for people who paid to come like a year ago and had to rearrange, going to have to do lots of these types of tours in the coming months which feels like working for free.

Didn’t sleep too great.

That’s amazing if you can handle the early starts. I guess it becomes normal to you after a while? What time do you go to bed?

Another seven day snap lockdown after an outbreak.

Depressing because while we barely got out of lockdown 5, we had zero cases yesterday. Now there are 8 :confused:

At least my daughter got her school camp

yeah, it has i guess - my kids normally get up around 6ish, so getting a quick shower in before they got up became a trick. it translated to me being able to get up. i’ve always been a “morning person” tho

varies, but i aim for 10pm, but it ends up closer to 11pm frankly

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Morning all :wave:

Arrived back from the Peak District last night. Was great to be away. Having a typical day-after-holiday day: shopping, getting the house in order etc. It’s also the youngest’s birthday tomorrow so there’s a cake to decorate, presents to wrap, etc etc.

I’m off til Tuesday. Weather looks a bit crap but hopefully we’ll be able to find some drier spells.

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Can’t even think of a creative way to say cba.


Off next week though, so just need to make a bunch of things future Dr Epimer’s problem then I can cruise through the next couple of days.


This is my first 5 day week for a little while and I am feeling every minute of it.

Fucks sake. That’s wank, not being able to plan anything would do my head in

Hopefully it’s just 7 days :+1:t2:

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WFBed this morning. I’m so tired.

Tonight we’re going shopping for wedding (guests) outfits and eating Wahaca.

Sorted the bins out.

About to finish filling my trench to the level we can put fabric and stone chippings down. Last night’s rain didn’t help this.

If our former fence posts are dry, I’ll finish painting them, as we’re making borders out of them.

Looking forward to an afternoon of vidya.

TBH it’s just bludgeoned us now.

We never got the ability to go to people’s houses after the last lockdown so it doesn’t feel too different right now.

But yeah, no plans are made these days. QLD is in an ongoing lockdown too so that means we have solidarity from all the family up there I suppose. There are school holidays coming up in September and we’re trying to work out about going to Brisbane and so forth. Want to see family, don’t want to get trapped up there.

Fucking size of this horse

I do not believe there can be a hangover one can enjoy.

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Looks quite small.

Sydney’s looking like it’s gonna be fucked for months

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It’s quite far away