Thursday Thread

Alright lads

What you up to today? I’m waiting for some furniture and cleaning up. Great laugh

All the best, yeah

DAY TWO of legal conference shenanigans.

Some people are annoyed because the big boss cancelled a 7.30 (!) meeting this morning at half past midnight in the bar because he decided he couldn’t be fucked and would rather stay up drinking.

I’ve never had aspirations to be senior management before, but…

Up early for a release (oo-er) so have been at my desk since 6:30.

Have already polished off last night’s Domino’s and am now onto some Wasabi peanuts. And they say that software developers don’t care about their health…

mornin Songs,

I was waiting for a new sofa to arrive on wed night when they contacted me to say that the sofa was a slightly different colour to the one i ordered and would i still like to go ahead with delivery. So i asked them to send me a photo of it, it’sd a totally differenmt colour. Ragin, so i asked them when the one i actually ordered might become available, the told me 2-3 months, fucking muppets.

Anyway, i hope you have better luck.

In work, contemplating second breakfast. Furniture deliveries expected: zero.

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what was the first breakfast?

Fruit and yogurt. Need something more… carby.

Bit parky out innit! Set my alarm for 6:45am so I could go for a cycle but that got a big NAAAAHHHH from me this morning. Real commitment issues.

I’ve got a day off. I’ll potter around London on buses. I’ll look for a rowing machine to buy and also a plant for my flat. Two unrelated purchases obviously. I’ve wanted a rowing machine for a few months now and in the eight years that I’ve had my flat I haven’t had a plant/flowers in my place.

In the evening I’ve that Angel Oslen and The Raincoats thing at Islington Assembly Hall. Anyone else going?

Woke up at about 5:15 - 5:30 after hearing Emmett vomiting downstairs. He was fine (just gorged on food a bit I think) but after cleaning up and knowing I had to get up soon anyway couldn’t go back to sleep.

did i not tell you that would happen? :smiley:

You did japesy, you did. I guess I’ll just get fat up until March time?

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Such a nightmare when one’s designer fails to pick out a suitable sofa!

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I’m leading a ride on Sunday and our chairman has decided it’s not yet time to move over to winter timings (which would mean leaving at 9 instead of 8). I am absolutely outraged.

So fucking cold today jesus christ.

that’s my plan

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'king hell! I’ll try again another day but I’m not holding out much hope.[quote=“plasticniki, post:15, topic:8122”]
So fucking cold today jesus christ.

Gloves time.

Been up and working for a while. Deadlines and all. Spent a while drawing this and realised the background was shit (after spending ages drawing a fountain I later erased). I liked the slightly foreshortened urn though, so I cut it out and I’ll re-use it with a Last Year at Marienbad type background.

Last week I also won some free flights to Japan, but the tourist board that organised the competition have been a bit of a pain back and forth about collecting them. Finally sorted out that I go to their office on Monday. This is probably when I find out I have to travel next week or something.

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It’s cold but I see blokes in t-shirts and scarves indoor.

Stupid idiots. They’ve just made the list.

hnnnggggg I bloody LOVE your drawings

how do you learn to draw like that?

so much work to do today. can’t be fucked with any of it.