Thursday thread


I’ll be honest: my heart’s not really in it. But hey! Morning anyway. How are you all? Is it anyone’s Friday?


ccb? More like cba amirite?!?!?!

Still smiting from my inner tube idiocacy yesterday, had to walk to work again.

Oh before my mate moved to Sydney recently I told him he’d need to get his prostate checked on account of him turning 30. Had a message from him this morning saying he’s off to see the GP tomorrow :point_right::ok_hand::peach:


Working on a tender, fucking hate tenders


Morning @colon_closed_bracket!
My parents met to discuss post-divorce money yesterday evening. Meeting lasted about 10 mins before they were having a blazing row :joy: / :cry: Cue an hour of phone calls.
On the plus side, the TV went to meet a potential employer near Leeds who she liked so our ambition to move ‘up north’ is looking more achievable. Exciting and scary at the same time.


yeah, just a big chicken nugget eh


Alright Graham Coxon.


How do I still have this could. Unbelievable.

I’m meant to be schmoozing at a drinks reception tonight but I’m sacking it off because I can’t be arsed. Only decision now is whether I try to invent an excuse (read: lie) for my colleagues or if I just say “cba m8s”.


Hi ccb.

Just waiting for my train to leave Euston for Milton Keynes. When I arrive I need to get a taxi to a warehouse where I will be unloading crates of books and interfiling them all day. I have a backpack full of chocolate and sweets to keep me going though.



how could this happen


*cold. It’s affecting my pronunciation.


Fucking hell
fucking hell
fucking hell

have to try to get Christmas presents, etc.

Honestly why do I waste my time on social media? I hate this .



Theo calm down


Thanks but that didn’t help.


Morning. Taken the day off for interview prep. Feel a bit out of it. Gonna need coffee and biscuits very soon.


For the second day in a row, I slept for nearly ten hours and I still feel exhausted. Feeling a bit low about not being in bed.

On the plus side, Amazon’s Black Friday clambake yielded two reduced bottles of booze yesterday - £17 Buffalo Trace (goto for an old fashioned) and a very reasonably-priced £25 bottle of Laphroaig Quarter Cask. Give me the peat.

Our landlord is still deciding whether we’re allowed to get a dog. What can they possibly be considering? We’ve said we’ll sign anything and pay for everything. Want a pup.


My tiredness here displayed by the fact that i replied to theo and not the thread.


Assumed you were Turing testing Theo


It’ll be fine.

Go to the Christmas present thread for inspiration.


I feel similarly. Well, not the same. I think this is why I periodically quit DiS.


Hi CCB. Saw a pal who was over from the US last night which was fun. Got home late to my new flat and the dog went mental as soon as I put my keys in the door. This is gonna be fun eh.

Got an interview for a job in Stockholm next week. Exciting and terrifying thinking about moving there.