Thursday threading time



Way ahead of ya


Bargain at half the price

Morning. Day off. No plans.

Had a nice posh meal last night, but found it a bit much and wouldnt be in a hurry to do it again. Cocktails were nice.

The bread was pointy, FAO @Scout


Damn it, thought i was being revolutionary :wink:

Gf was quite happy with me getting vgn menu as meant she got a whole Japanese milk bread brushed with chai butter to herself rather than 1 between 2 that everyone else was getting.

Was quite jealous of this


Mum moves in down the road tomorrow. I am multo stressed as want her to be happy and content and to handle all the tricky stuff and inevitable issues. Decorators cutting it fine and won’t be out til this evening after an unavoidable delay on their part.

Godddd. Also not drinking for a while and really wish I was

Yes! Sure this foresight I’ve had into pointy bread trends could land me a job as a forecaster or something

(Akso the fact its pointy but oherwise round is truly the most ridiculous example yet of humans being at the end of their useful shelf life)


Alright? Still got shorts on like the machoest of macho men. Very sleepy today, gonna listen to a lot of Bob Dylan and try and stay awake till hometime.


oh, already - result!

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Where was this?


Got a new work laptop. Not working as it should. Standard

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got an offer to see Blonde tonight but unsure if im fussed given its approaching 3 hours long …

otherwise meh, work, lunch walk, tidy, think about gigs for the future, ho hum!

Cail Bruich.

Was worried i was going to be one of those people that has to go for chips after a fancy meal but it did just about fill me up.


You’re still in shorts and im in a constant battle with myself as to whether it’s long johns day yet!

Sorry I’m not allowed to post about it anymore but I’m also flitting between hoodie and t-shirt today. Was cold earlier though. Maybe I’m dying.

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Jumper update, my mate bought me the jumper but can’t remember why and he’s got one too.